Fugger: Sarah Chalke

Fugs and Fabs: Non-Saldana Ladies at the Star Trek Premiere

I am tired of the jumpsuit being king. Can the king be dead? Or, you know, comatose for a really long time so that one of his heirs has to step in and really revolutionize things?

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Fugs and Fabs: Elle‘s Women In Television Event

Suspenders are not back. They are not back. They are not back. I’m going to say it over and over until it’s confirmed.

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American Music Awards Fug Carpet: Sarah Silverman and Sarah Chalke


SARAH CHALKE: Hello….Sarah.

SARAH S: What?

SARAH C: What?

SARAH: You’re looking at me funny.

SARAH C: I was just wondering where your pants were.

SARAH S: I’m wearing shorts! I think. With Crazy Tights!

SARAH C: It reminds me of something.

SARAH S: How funny I am?

SARAH C: Something else.

SARAH S: Pirates? It’s a little pirate-y, I know. It’s a shout-out to those Somali pirates! I think they’re AWESOME.

SARAH C: I got it! It reminds me of COLLEGE.

SARAH S: What?

SARAH C: Totally! You know, in the 90s, when we were all wearing shorts with clunky shoes and tights and sort of baby-doll billowy things and a lot of vests? That’s SO YOU right now. God, this makes me want to listen “Semi-Charmed Life” while drinking Icehouse beer from a keg.

SARAH S: Thanks?