Fugger: Delta Goodrem

Fugs and Fabs of Why Are There So Many Gatsby Premieres

At least this one is in Sydney, which is ALWAYS good for some random fugs.

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Fug or Fab: Delta Goodrem

So, a while ago there was a blind item about a man who was married to a very famous reality show star, who was himself appearing on another reality show in another country, and the meat of said BI was that this dude was sleeping with…well, just read it.  We were all concerned that it was Joel Madden, stepping out on Nicole with Delta Goodrem, but it sure seems like it might have been Seal and Heidi, instead. (Still with Delta Goodrem.) Oh, Seal. I suspect you are not going to win this break-up with La Klum. And considering that Delta was recently dating Nick Jonas, it appears that she likes herself a man who will serenade her with a touching love song.

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