Fugger: Cory Monteith

SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Glees

It’s been a while since this many faces of Glee were in the same room. Not so long ago they were an inescapable dozen (or whatever). Gotta love ensemble nominations. I actually wish the Emmys did that, too. Sometimes, Hollywood, have to BRIBE the fashion out onto the red carpet.

* Note: Late adds of Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz, because their pictures hadn’t turned up yet when I wrote this post.

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Fugs and Fabs: The American Horror Story: Asylum Premiere

I’m impossibly excited for this to return, and will be very disappointed if it isn’t openly deranged; totally uneven, to the point where it’s both awful and amazing within the same hour; full of Jessica Lange and Chloe Sevigny going toe-to-toe on-screen, because they are two people who can turn pretty much any script into watchable TV. In fact, I like to think the Sev’s dress here is illustrative of the Ryan Murphy oeuvre: Compulsively watchable even when it might be a train wreck.

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Fug or Fab: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

Well, they’re definitely cute together, and they seem happy — and also as if they are using the same colorist.

But I’m not loving his tattered work boots. I’m sure it’s A Look that he quite fancies — the idea that he’s hip but also edgy, man –but the pieces together don’t seem to fit. I’m not sure that necktie plus vest plus untucked shirt plus grey jeans plus work boots from District 12 adds up to a finished ensemble, so much as it equals, “Aw, hellfire, I forgot about this thing and now I’m going to be super late. What’s clean?”

Let’s take on Lea next:

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Fugs and Fabs: Glee at ComicCon

I love that, with the continued proliferation of panels for shows like Glee, ComicCon has basically widened its net to PopCultureCon, or SomeMoviesAndThenOtherTVShowsWeReallyWantYouToWatch-BecauseTheyAren’tCheapToMakeCon.¬†And I am forever grateful for it. I know summer is a huge movie season, but for some reason it also feels like a fallow period for fuggery sometimes. Maybe I’m just projecting my own desire to be on vacation all the time upon the celebrities whom I hope will never take vacations so I can look at their pants.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Versace Show

Most of this went well. UNTIL IT DIDN’T.

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Fug and Fab the Gleeks

What I’m learning from doing this over the years: The networks should really send its invitees a sample swatch of the step-and-repeat. Getting dressed is hard enough without showing up and finding out that the backdrop makes you look like a 1970s living room set that they gave away on daytime Wheel of Fortune.

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