Fugger: Clare Bowen

Better Played, Clare Bowen

Well, she still hasn’t disabused us of the notion that she basically wanders into all her Nashville scenes wearing her own clothes:

Something about the angle or the lighting on the dress, I just noticed, is abusing her boobs terribly. She looks like she glued a small salami to her ribcage. But it’s BETTER, and the three Fs are missing — fringe, flowers, flip-flops (I suppose technically that’s four Fs) — and LOOK WHAT ELSE SUCKS WAY LESS:

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CMTs: More Fugs and Fabs

Clare here was one of Nashville‘s only representatives at the CMTs, but with fug like that, I don’t need anyone else. Bless you, little twee May Princess who doesn’t know it turned into June.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Nashville Cast

In which almost everyone looks… kind of like they look on Nashville, frankly. But let’s spend a little extra time on Clare Bowen here, who plays Scarlett, because if she keeps up at this rate she might be a nice dark horse for Fug Madness 2014.

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Clare Bowen here plays Scarlett on Nashville, on which she is prone to wearing a lot of layers and scarves.

The fictional apple must not fall far from the reality tree. But the dress itself is potentially cute; it’s the moldy green tights that have me puzzled. Why would you want you skin to look like Veggie Booty?


Fugs and Fabs of the BMI Country Awards

I feel like there are more awards shows for country music than there are Duane Reades in New York; there is seemingly a gala every week. I’ve never even heard of this one! At first, I automatically translated it as the Body Mass Index Country Awards, and I thought, “my god, that is RUDE.”