Fugger: Cassie Ventura

Fug of Hearts

Hey, you guys? Remember Cassie?

No, LITERALLY that’s what this outfit is asking: Hey, you guys? Remember Cassie?

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Fugs and Fabs: Women at the GQ Men Of The Year Shindig

Men, shmen! Dresses are more fun. We’ll get to the suits eventually, but whatever the hell Diane Kruger is wearing — plus the absurd raft of other famous people in questionable outfits — is more important right now.

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What’s going on with this lady? And I don’t just mean that she’s allegedly Diddy’s longtime girlfriend despite the fact that every other week Us claims Cameron Diaz was giving him a lapdance at some party. Although that’s certainly plenty strange, I don’t think it’s as weird as wearing pants made of Chanel handbags. Or as the outfit that wasn’t in our subscription, but which I linked to on slide six, which turned my brain into porridge.

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