Fug File: Photos

Well Played, Eva Green in Elie Saab

I am, as ever, wooed by the magic of Elie Saab. When we saw this on the runway, I predicted that whoever wore it would pass on lining it, and I am very pleased, for once, to be incorrect. I should have guessed that Eva Green would pull this out, though. She LOVES an Elie Saab with a cape. I cannot blame her.

[Photos: Splash,  Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: Jenna Coleman

There are some high highs, and some LOW DOWN CAPSY LOWS.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Splash]


Fugtrospective: The MTV Video Music Awards of 2004

Now that GFY is a decade into life, it’s time to make it feel SO OLD by flashing back ten years, and remembering what the VMAs looked like before styling was quite the game it is now. BEYONCE, GUYS. And ASHLEE SIMPSON. And Hilary Duff. And MY GOD LIL’ KIM. And remember when people let Paris Hilton do stuff? Like, on purpose? ALL THAT AND MORE.

[Photos: INF Daily, Splash, Getty]


Fugs and Fabs: Chloe Grace Moretz

I seriously just wrote this entire post and set it to publish with NO words here, at all. Not even just WORDS. Have I at last been rendered SPEECHLESS? (I know, I know: If only.) One of these looks could do it.

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]


Creative Arts Emmy Awards: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

Let’s close the book on this sucker, and start mediating on whom we want to see look totally cracked out and/or fabulous (ideally both at the same time) at the Standard Issue Emmys a week from tonight. Lena Dunham said on Twitter this week that her dress “looks like cake and feels like sweatpants,” and I can’t wait to see what THAT looks like.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash, Getty]


Creative Arts Emmys Mostly Well Played: The Cast of Orange Is The New Black

I MAYBE have mild doubts about Natasha Lyonne — although I think she sold me on it, in the final analysis — but Uzo Aduba looks super crisp and elegant and Laverne Cox nailed it.

[Photos: Splash, Getty]


Creative Arts Emmys Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes (with a dash of Ladies)

I am very pleased to report that most of the men at the Creative Arts Emmys this weekend actually totally turned it out, hotness-wise.

[Photos: Getty, Splash, Fame/Flynet]