Fug File: Look Into Pants

Oscars Shorts Carpet: Pharrell Williams

As I believe I said on Twitter, shorts are the new hat. If only they’d been bike shorts, Demi Moore-style. God, Pharrell. Think of your Oscars history.

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This Place About to FUG!

Kenneth Cole here seems to be saying, with his eyes, “DON’T BLAME ME FOR THIS ONE.”

But I do blame you, Kenneth, I do.  If there were a fashion version of the Good Samaritan Law, you’d be cited for failing to step in and stop this disaster from happening. YOU’RE STANDING RIGHT THERE.



Okay, here’s the thing: It’s been VERY CHILLY in Los Angeles lately. Downright festive. So, do you see the problem with this picture of Ms Ashley Tisdale and her perhaps more-impervious-to-the-elements beau?

Girlfriend. If you are huddling for warmth in a sweater, a fur vest, thigh-high socks and over the knee boots, I have but one suggestion for you: LOOK INTO PANTS.


Fug Pray Love

I feel like I can read the postcard Julia Roberts is mentally composing from here:

It says,

“Dear Oprah,

Greetings from San Sebastian! They don’t allow pants here — isn’t that crazy? Hope you and Gayle are well! See you at Travolta’s Jell-O Shots Poker Party next week!



The Pretty Fugless

Whoa. Taylor Momsen’s patented “Someone just decked me in the face. Twice!” eye make-up has reached new heights. (Lows?)

She looks a bit like a panda, and while I am about a month behind on my glossy magazines, I am quite sure none of them are advocating showing up anywhere dressed like an endangered species.

Her outfit is….well, imagine the most Taylor Momsen-y outfit ever, and then remove half of it:
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XfugfugO, Fug Girl

Stay classy, Taylor Momsen:

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PS: Of all the things in the world that aren’t pants, A SWEATSHIRT TIED AROUND YOUR WAIST TO CONCEAL YOUR RATTY BOY SHORT UNDERPANTS is the least pants-like of all.


The Fug Monster

I don’t know about you, but I have an unspoken list of places where I refuse to go bottoms-less: Thanksgiving dinner, my grandma’s birthday party, the subway, and so forth — places where covering my bum is both polite and hygienic.

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Suddenly, “baseball stadiums” have rocketed to the top of that list.