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Fug Men: Christina Hendricks

And we just saw her looking so triumphant. WHAT HAPPENED? What vile person turned her into a blue Lexus holiday commercial?

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American Music Awards Well Played, Fergie in Halston Heritage

I believe that this is good on her by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s EVEN BETTER if you first reflect on what she used to wear. And I don’t mean in the old Peed on Herself On Stage days, I mean like two months ago when she wore this crazy thing. (I mean, but also we should reflect that THIS is a thing that happened. 2006 was a weird and in many ways amazing year.) Is it REVOLUTIONARY?

The 2014 American Music Awards in LA

It might be, in the sense that I’m not sure she’s looked this good in maybe…ever?

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American Music Awards Fug Carpet: Heidi Klum in Armani

Noted musician Heidi Klum, at the American Music Awards! I assume she’s there to accept her award for Best German Language Spoken Word Poetry Recording, or something? No? Huh. I would have bet money.

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American Music Awards Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Banks

This is 100% in her wheelhouse:

Jennifer Lopez at The 2014 American Music Awards in LA

Bright, sassy, patterned, cheerful, possibly a little weird but not in a way that makes anyone uncomfortable or eye-roll-y, compelling despite potential imperfections. Which is not a bad wheelhouse to find yourself in, actually. WAY better than Predictably Naked or WTF Just Happened Here?

But how does it grab you?

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Not So Casual Fuggerday Fugs and Fabs: The Hugo Boss Awards


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Royals Round-Up, November 21, 2014

This Royals Round-Up is extremely Harry heavy. It has white polo pants and SWORD-FIGHTING and also kissing. (The kissing, however, involves Prince Albert. I just wanted to be upfront with you.)

In Case You Missed It! Kate left the house this week and, as often is the case with her cocktail party wear, I made some perplexed faces. I get that cocktail wear is sort of a weird nether world between the Day Dress (which she generally nails) and Formal Wear (also many successful outings), but I have hope that this can be perfected eventually.


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