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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Carolina Herrera) Take Canada, Day Five

Oh, you guys! This is the trip that just keeps on giving. Today alone brought so much more handsiness, continued interesting shoes (including really cute cowboy boots!), some coat porn, yet more deeply adorable Canadian children, and Kate in a wine cardigan. I can ask for nothing more. I will also note, though, that this tour is doing exactly what it’s meant to do for me in that I now really want to book a vacay to the west coast of fair Canada. You guys will direct me to the finest wine establishments, right?

You might ask for a closer look at her shoes from this morning, and I can help you there:

ALSO: this is neat if you’re nerdy like I am:

ALSO: this is neat if you’re interested in totem poles like I am:

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What the Fug: Elle Fanning

As I have noted here previously, sometimes when I look at a particularly painful ensemble, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Titus pops into my head, and I hear:

Wait, that’s wrong. I hear:

I mean, look at this:

ASOS Dinner And Unvelining Of 2016 Holiday Collections - Arrivals

Elle. Just because someone hands you a deflated, high-fashion version of the inflatable sumo wrestler costume they force people to wear and/or wrestle in on Real World/Road Rules Challenge, it doesn’t mean you’re contractually obligated to PUT IT ON.

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Youngfug: Molly Bernard

Molly here is on the uber-charming Younger, and I don’t think we’ve featured her here before, so: Welcome to Fugland, Molly. You’re really funny on the show, and you’re also demonstrating some helpful Red Carpet 101 advice:

Molly Bernard

That being: This is why pockets on the red carpet are not a great idea unless you’re 2) REALLY CAREFUL, because it’s too tempting to jam your hands in there, or b) carrying a purse so that you have something else for your mitts to do. As it is, you look like you’re storing acorns for winter.

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What The Fug: Hilary Duff at the Premiere of Younger

First: Hilary Duff is very likeable and good on Younger, in a way that will make you think, “aw, I missed Hilary Duff and she should be in more things!”

"Younger" Season 3 & "Impastor" Season 2 New York Premiere

This outfit makes me wish that one of those “most things” was a Dynasty reboot that manages, somehow, to still be set in 1983. She won’t even have to change!

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Draperly Played: Kate Bosworth

Maybe it’s because we just wrote about the Drapers (as they compare to Marge and Homer Simpson) for Vulture and so I have Betty on the brain, but this feels ice-cold and dramatic in a very Mad Men vein.

Kate Bosworth

This woman is out for revenge. But not the martini-flinging kind; no, she’s going to cut you with the jagged, icy scrape of her words, her ennui, and her general disinterest in your base manly expectations. “I’m going out for a Manhattan and surf and turf. You want dinner? Fine, you scavenging cad. Here’s the number for Edith on the third floor. She’s always making pot roast and she’s 85 so GOOD LUCK.”

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Hobbs) Take Canada, Day Four, Part Two

This is sincerely a “Part Two,” in that we didn’t really get a full wardrobe change from events earlier – as far as we know. As far as WE can tell, everyone just put a coat on (it was 42 degrees Farenheit at this event, which is, to my Los Angeleno mind, COLD). I mean, is Kate possibly wearing sequined hot pats and a coconut bra under there? Yes, indeed. Regardless: allow me to regale you with a lovely and familiar coat tonight, as well as some primo gazing and a few entertaining bits and bobs left over from earlier today that didn’t make it into our first post.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Dolce & Gabbana) Take Canada, Day Four, Part One

You guys! I had one brief shining moment where I thought that Kate’s shoes were metallic. It was a mere trick of the light, sadly — we have returned to the land of the Beige Shoe. Regardless, we also have volleyball and wine, which are a consistently winning pairing in my book, and this dress is both very pretty and feels vaguely like it wouldn’t be out of place in a remake of Anne of Green Gables. Which is a compliment in my book.

Also, gee, what terrible weather for wine-tasting:

MISERABLE! We haven’t gotten any wine-tasting photos in yet, but I’ll either update this post when we do, or add them to the next one, which will probably pop up here later tonight. So come on by — and if you’ve missed any of this particular tour, all our posts live here. Read early, read often.

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