Brit Awards WTF: Karlie Kloss in Alexander McQueen

I don’t understand what is happening. This is LACY LUNACY:

The Universal Music BRITs Party Hosted by Soho House

It’s like the linen pants you drunkenly bought from Coldwater Creek one night after two bottles of wine, plus one of Zoe Hart’s old bralettes, and a lace tablecloth that was tragically killed in a Project Runway unconventional materials competition.

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  1. Jill

    THIS IS AMAZING! On so many levels…and none of them is any good. Gracious!

  2. Roxana

    The top part of that dress reminds me of an incident in my youth when I was making out with my boyfriend, now husband, and my parents got home unexpectedly. I rushed to the door to open it, while putting my shirt back on (do not judge). I was wearing a racer back top, and I put it on backwards. Let’s just say I had to take an extra minute and a half to turn it around, as my boobs were hanging out on both sides of the strap. My parents wisely pretended they did not notice how long it took me to open the door

    •  spinja

      too funny! thank you

    •  DianeN

      So do we think that necklace (???) is meant to be worn like that, or did Ms. Kloss have a similar experience to Roxana? Because I cannot for the life of me figure out how she’s going to take it off.

  3. soitgoes

    Lacy Lunacy is my roller derby name.

  4. BlairSylvester

    The only good thing about this post is the Zoe Hart reference (actually all the writing) the rest is unspeakably bad.

  5.  Mair Mair

    Take a piece of paper, cut a small hole in it, and cover everything but her clutch. See? All better.

  6.  lilywise

    What are those shoes??

    •  Angela

      They are a horror show, is what they are.

      • Jessica

        They might have PUFFY PAINT?!?!

        •  Tiffany

          HA!!! My co-worker and I were just reminiscing about puffy paint today! The guys had no idea what we were talking about, but it brought back some fun homemade fashion memories. Le sigh…

  7. Eliza Bennett

    I literally leapt away from my computer when I scrolled past her waist. I wasn’t prepared.

  8. Amy S.

    If nothing else, Alexander McQueen has range: from this fugtastic nuttiness to the sublime coats suitable for royal events.

  9.  Me, Myself & Irene

    Is this a return of the dreaded pantalunacy? Yikes.

  10. Claire's mom

    How did my grandmother’s curtains wind up on Karli’s hips?

  11. annemarieg

    Miss Havisham’s workout togs.

  12. Chantel

    If it were at LEAST a dress?

  13. daphne

    ? do you think it’s possible that Karlie Kloss removed this from what was another piece (the gown part!) meant to be underneath this lace overlay?

  14. chicklitbaby

    I honestly don’t know what offends me most, the top (or lack thereof), the pants, or the fact that she is wearing matching lacy sneakers. This outfit alone is going to get Ms Kloss into the quarter finals of Fug Madness.

  15. K8e

    She looks like George Costanza’s vision of a naughty night nurse. That bag is a sponge, ready to give him a sponge bath. (No offense to the profession. My nearest and dearest are nurses.)

  16.  BeautyMarks

    It’s a necklace! – It’s a harness! – YOU’RE BOTH RIGHT!

  17. meme

    good grief!

  18. Erica Ro

    Like a virgin…

  19. A.J.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but if that lacy thing was the back of a dress and she just had it on backward or something, I would love it.

  20. Hoolia

    Accessorize it with Hot Neighbor Wade and it will look a LOT better.

  21. Hoolia

    Also, the “naughty nurse” stripper routine will work much better with a train-free negligee. You’ve got to look somewhat believably like an actual nurse until the scrubs come off.

  22.  KarenG958

    Golly, that’s horrible!

  23. Stefanie

    After the day I’ve had I needed a laugh. Thanks for that Karlie. Now go change your clothes.

  24. Little Bow Wow

    I think Prince would probably like the top…….for himself.

  25.  JenniferA

    Majorette in a deeply disturbed pizza parade.

  26. Nanc

    I do love the clutch and would like a blouse made of the same fabric as the pants. Yep, I took one for the Nation and looked at a close up of the outfit! I can assure you the pants’ fabric has a great texture–for a blouse, not pants–and I believe she is one of those rare creatures whose belly button seems to be a combination innie/outie! My sisters has one, too. The funny belly button, not the pants.

    I think I should just halt this comment wagon now.

  27.  stargazer

    I’ve been a devoted GFY reader for years, and I think I can say this is up there as one of the ugliest f-ing things I’ve ever seen anybody wear, like, ever.

  28. Erika

    I like this outfit for two reasons: it genuinely made me laugh, and she looks super stoked to be wearing it. Which is awesome, because if I had to wear this outfit I’d be frowning. A lot.

  29. Jennifer

    Takes me back to 10th grade when cheap lace figured prominently in my thrift store wardrobe. When Doves Cryyyyy…

  30.  Fifie

    It’s this month’s choice from Fabletics.

  31. Art Eclectic

    THIS is the epitome of did the Fug Girls put it the other day? Putting a bunch of design ideas into a salad shooter.

    There is some interesting stuff happening there, but it’s literally just a heap of stuff laying on the floor of someone’s atelier that crawled up onto a mannequin of its own volition in an attempt to be FREE.

    I have no kind words for the pants or the shoes.

    •  Fifie

      I think that the pants and shoes are at least comfortable. They have that much going for them.

      • laucie

        Shoes look like embellished versions of the white shoes senior gentlemen wear in retirement communities.

  32. llism

    I can say with some degree of certainty that that is one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen.

  33.  ARSENiA

    I don’t get this. She is a perfect, 10 million feet tall Amazon. And somehow, this makes her look like a frumpy midget. Facepalm.

  34. Catfishbud

    I just recently went through Alexander McQueen for s/s 2016 & f/w 2016, so this does not surprise me. Although, I did not see this one coming or going OR hopefully gone!

  35. Zmiabtc

    Are those Annie’s Side Kicks from Father of the Bride?

  36. Tamarin

    I legitimately thought she was wearing a top from Free People over pants. I did not expect to see that it was McQueen…

  37. Gypsy Danger

    I bet Kate Middleton is disappointed that Karlie got this first.

  38.  Tiffany

    I am ashamed to admit this…but I kind of like the top part! The pants and ruffles below are so terrible, but the top really fits her so well. It isn’t bunching, it isn’t puckering, it just fits like a glove. I like the different way the lace pieces crisscross each other. But I may be overworked and delusional about now, so…. ;)

  39. robbergenius

    If She had worn a skirt instead of pants with this ensemble. We would have barely taken notice. The detailing of the hook and eyes is quite beautiful.

  40. AmieK

    C’mon people. Don’t be so harsh. Alexander McQueen is breaking new ground. The backwards lace partial bustle is going to be all the rage – simply everyone will be wearing them over their running togs in Spring 2017. Don’t forget you saw it here first!

  41. Veronica

    The top could be very beautiful on its own, even without a lining. (Completely unfriendly to any woman who wasn’t modestly endowed, though.) The rest is just confusing.

  42. Edith

    Her ugly pants have ugly sleeves made of lace ascots?!? WHAT.

  43. lori

    I love the whole thing- from the hair to the shoes.

  44. Karen

    This is so 1990s that nobody even thought to do it in the 1990s. Pants with skirt? Noooo, pantskirt! Layered necklace? Hell, string it under her arms. It’s so gonzo I’m not even mad.

    Well, I might be mad if I think about it later today. But for now, just dayum.

    • Karen

      OMG, I totally misssed the sneakers. And the smirk! This is inspired madness.

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