Yet again, this show is great. I should really just create a macro for these recaps, noting how great it is. This week is basically focused on how Johnnie Cochran was (correctly) promoted to lead chair on OJ’s legal team — for a variety of reasons, including that he’s way better at lawyering than anyone else. Seriously, in that amazing, riveting, scene where he’s giving OJ a pep talk, I was like, “I want to hire you as my lawyer. And you’re dead.”  (This is also the part where I once again note that my optometrist was [allegedly] Johnnie’s dear friend — he was the first person to see the brain tumor that killed him, in an eye exam — and he swore to me that Johnnie told him OJ was guilty. HOWEVER, my optometrist is a lover of tales, and I suspect he was at least partially exaggerating. That said, is there anything more L.A. than that story? Maybe the time I found out that Paris Hilton was going to jail via a text on my bedazzled pink Razr flip phone while waiting for Denim Doctors to hem my True Religions, and I told everyone there and we all gasped and clutched at each other.)  In many ways, I feel like this show is a Valentine to the immense skills and smarts and savvy of Johnnie Cochran. I also find the relationship between him and Chris Darden — where Johnnie has been a mentor, and is now the opposition — to be so nuanced and fascinating. Both because that’s a naturally dramatic dynamic, but also because I think Sterling K. Brown, who plays Chris Darden is (as I’ve said before) so great in his part. His performance is so subtle, and he’s bringing such great kindness to this role (as is the sublime Courtney B. Vance, I’d argue). I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t also note that he is bringing hotness as well.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it, Vulture talked to Vance about playing this role, and his interview is well worth your time. Also, as ever, their fact-checking piece is fascinating.

Of additional note this week: CONNIE FREAKING BRITTON.  Also, I think we got more side-eye in this episode than in any previous ones. EVERYONE was side-eyeing Shapiro, at all times. David Schwimmer has made the — I think correct — choice to play Bobby Kardashian as if he has GRAVE GRAVE doubts about EVERYTHING that’s happening. And we learn that Marcia Clark has a whole bar’s worth of booze in her desk, which seems fair. She has reasons to drink. Everyone hates her and thinks her hair is dumb! (I don’t hate you, Marcia.)

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