Better Played, Allison Williams


See, to me, this is the actual glamorous version of the Diana Barry special Allison wore the other day.

It’s less stuffy, more sexy. Where the other one was for skipping through the orchard and maybe churning some butter, this feels like the slinky thing you wear to con some local dude into picking your apples and churning your butter FOR you. Or something. I don’t know; maybe I just really want some butter.

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  1. pantsonfire

    This is totally fine. I’m a sucker for that minty shade and I applaud any woman who can rock such a body-conscious silhouette flawlessly, with nary a bump or dimple. It’s not really my personal style, but it’s working on this gal. And you know who else this might work on? Jessice Timberlake. She might need a different neckline because she is bustier, but I do think she would be better in these overly body conscious styles that don’t try too hard to be fashiony.

  2. Other Emily

    This is the perfect example of how nice lacy-sheer can look when fully lined. Think how upsetting it would be if the lining stopped at her crotch. She looks great. The color is lovely — cool and refreshing but still sexy and she is rocking the fit.

  3. margaret

    Agree with pantsonfire. And HERE her nail color really does work fine.

  4. Mjx

    Very pretty. I’d like it better with less sleave, but still, pretty.

  5. Sarah

    I think she looks amazing in this. So pretty!

  6. Art Eclectic

    At first glance I thought this was KStew and thought to myself “now THAT is an improvement.”

    • Kate

      I thought it was Jessica Lowndes. Facially this does not look like Alison Williams.

      Although I do have to say this chick’s hair rivals La Middleton.

      • Scouse Helen

        Funnily enough, my first thought was, “she looks like Kate Middleton might look if she got drunk”.

  7. Helen

    Love it! It sort of ought to look middle-aged country star-ish, but it doesn’t, maybe because the neckline (which is perfect on her IMO) isn’t crowding her chin. This is downright slinky, and in a wonderfully understated and classy way.

    I hate the nail polish, though it does coordinate. To me that looks like a color you might put on a corpse for a TV legal/mystery drama, just to emphasize that its wearer is dead.

  8. Dani

    I wish her hair was my hair.

  9. Lesley

    I have no clue who this is. But, based on this look alone, it’s a knockout for me. Gorgeous on all points.

  10. Esme

    Boooring. It would have been so pretty with a better cut.

  11. Vandalfan

    Not everyone could make this pretty dress look as good as this person, whoeversheis.

  12. Sajorina

    I’m in love with this dress! COVET! Her hair & makeup look FABULOUS! And, I dig the nailpolish & the ring! FAB!!!!!!

  13. Eli

    Oh, Allison, do not take red carpet sexyface lessons from Ginnifer Goodwin.

  14. Rachael

    Why is her mouth always open? Is she aiming for a sexy half-wit look? (I have this problem with many actresses. Could you just smile, for the love of all that is holy?!)

    Also, the dress is pretty, and I like the otherwise subdued styling.

  15. Caroline Cuneo Killeen

    I do not know why but I do not like this girl

  16. Scott Cullen

    For all who love her hair, hello, Allison Williams has HAIR EXTENSIONS. Yours can look just as fab, as long as it’s FAKE.

  17. Meaghan

    This is proof that you can cover up 85-90% of your body and still look sexy as hell.

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