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Fugs and Fabs: Christina Milian

I know, I know. I never really figured out the point of Christina Milian, who is a singer-turned-actress-turned-host-turned-reality-show-star, never having really made her mark at any of the first three. But it’s Slim Pickings out there right now. Holiday long weekends are when all our photo services take photos of random women I’ve never heard of, with either European or Russian names, “performing hot bikini shoot on the beach” or somesuch, and in THAT battle of Please Notice Me, Christina Milian wins every time.

[Photos: Splash]


Ten-Year Fugtrospective: The 2005 SAG Awards

Next stop: The SAG Awards, coming your way this Sunday. And in honor of that, let’s keep looking back a decade ago to see what people wore, and My, How Things Have Changed, and all that. This trip down memory lane is brought to you by Six Feet Under, Kristin Chenoweth’s extensions, and Jennifer Garner in Target’s Jane Austen Dishwater Collection.

[Photos: Getty, INF]


Fug or Fab the Cover: Lena Dunham on Elle Magazine, February 2015

The styling is good, but I call this pose I Have A Zit And So I’m Just Going To Pretend To Bite My Thumbnail And It’ll Look Totally Natural and No One Will Ever Notice. And instead it looks awkward – the magazine equivalent of hiding a pregnancy by making an actress stand in front of an aggressive fern.

[Photos: Elle]


Fug the Show: The Good Wife Power Suit Ranking, season 6, episode 12, “The Debate”

“Do you want to be a good man?” “I want to be effective.” “Does one discount the other?” “It can.”

So said Peter to Pastor Isaiah in this episode, although I wonder if that will end up applying as much to Alicia as she gets pulled into politics as it does to her husband. This hour was a tricky one because it deals with fomenting racial tensions in Chicago, in a very Ripped From The Headlines way that has been somewhat controversial. We’ll delve into THAT in a minute. But first: The Power Suit Rankings.

18. Finn

HE WAS NOT IN THIS EPISODE. On the plus side, that means he didn’t have to pop up for two seconds with very little of substance to do; on the minus side, it means HE WAS NOT IN THIS EPISODE. Can we pretend that means he spent the whole time naked, since there is no visual evidence proving otherwise? YES.

17. Kalinda


Kalinda might have been better-served by not being in this hour, either. All she does is wear what looks like an ill-fitting stretch-satin blouse from the You’re Leaving So We’re Not Investing In New Clothes For You fund, and then chase an incorrect theory about one of the Florrick Agos & Lockhart attorneys that inadvertently leads her to the right one (he didn’t DELIBERATELY tank a negotiation with his mentor David Lee; he simply was distracted because of his child’s medical drama). There are no shades of anything between her and Cary, but he did call her his girlfriend in the LAST episode, so I guess… we’re to assume she and Lara are no longer an item? And that Cary is no longer angry that she said she didn’t want to be his girlfriend? WHO KNOWS, because basically, Kalinda had to sit down for most of this episode and is just waiting for her illegal act from Cary’s trial to come back and bite her. The nibbler is about to get nibbled.

who’s next?


Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Andrea Riseborough in Escada

This whole thing is so odd.

andrea rise borough critics choice awards 2015

She’s like the Talking Heads meets the Girl Scouts with a dash of Inspector Gadget, as painted by Hans Holbein. Either Hans Holbein.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Fug or Fab: Angelina Jolie

Well, it’s certainly slinky and shiny and giving her waist a wonderful curve.

angelina jolie critics choice awards

So why am I BORED? I think it’s because about 85 percent of the time, Angelina is either in tight black pants and a white shirt and a black blazer, or something befitting her whole Motherly Nightgown preference. And I’m not sure WHY, because she seems like a person who’d take bigger chances than that. If I could pin her down and ask her one off-the-record question… well, I would not ask the one I’m about to type. I have about forty I would ask first. But at SOME point I would say, “Pick a dress in this room that you wish you were wearing and tell my why you AREN’T.” Like, what about Emily Blunt’s? Angelina would KILL in a skimming, elaborate red sheath. Or Diane Kruger’s — too precious, maybe, but it’s an ATTEMPT at least. Is Angie too afraid of not being taken seriously? Because that ship has sailed — at this point in her life as an actor, director, and humanitarian, you probably either do or you don’t, and it would take a lot to sway you in either direction. What if she were as adventurous as the preternaturally sophisticated and enviable Cate Blanchett, who manages to come off important and real at all times even when she’s wearing a glorified spider web? So I mean… you do you, Angelina, and if that’s what THIS is, then congratulate whoever found something that lies so beautifully on your waist. But if this isn’t really you and you’re playing a role, please claw out of your rut. Because you could DOMINATE if you wanted to, and I often wish you did.

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