AMAs Fug Carpet: Heidi Klum

On one hand, this is totally Heidi to me. On the other, it looks like she stole it from Chloe Sevigny.

But both my hands agree that this is horrendously unflattering to a lady whom it should be hard to… unflatter. She looks like a fancy gift box that somebody left out in the rain.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (39):

  1. Bella

    She looks completely stupid.

  2. maryse

    oh my this is not good. it makes her look thick around the middle.

  3. Scouse Helen

    Oh Heidi. You must have had to work hard to find a frock that makes you look as if you have no waist or neck!

    • mary lou bethune

      I know- why on earth would a woman that beautiful with those gorgeous legs do that to herself? She is trying too hard as she gets older…. and why does she want so much attention? She is a successful whatever, she has a lovely bunch of children, tons of money, I guess. Just relax, bitte.

  4. Art Eclectic

    It’s the pose she’s standing is that’s totally Sev.

    Sleeves – ugh. Slit – ugh. Visible underbood – double ugh.

  5. Kat

    Do you need a slit that big on a dress so short? Plus why does she always wear uber matchy shoes?

    And idk who said the high neck thing is a good look. Someone else had one on at the same awards and looked equally awkward

  6. Billie

    Ugh, I used to love her but she’s got to give up this sparkly, skin tight dress schtick. Every time I see her, I feel like she’s the SNL version of herself and not the real things. Each outing brings a tiny bit more ‘look at me’ annoyance.

  7. margot

    I just don’t get her at all. She’s always slightly knock-kneed and pigeon-toed, and her style rides the Ka-Razy roller coaster.

  8. Sandala

    She has ben looking like she’s trying too hard. When she tones it down a bit she looks so much better.

  9. Steph

    Are you sure she didn’t steal that from Taylor Swift? Regardless of where she found that, it’s done the impossible: Made Heidi Klum look bad.

  10. Helen

    VERY Sevigny. Who would, in my opinion, rock this look, with her trademark, but genuine, insouciance.

    It does not work for Klum.

  11. maggie

    Why does she keep wearing things that make her look like a giant rectangle?

  12. Cass

    I defy anyone to argue that this is Chloe Sevigny’s dress. Only Heidi Klum could be presented with a dress this short and insist that what it needed was a leg-slit, in case the fact we could only see 80% of her legs meant that we might not recognise her.

  13. Rachel

    It takes a terrible outfit to make Heidi Klum’s body look that strange. Yikes!

  14. Kim

    Ugh. Why a slit with such a short dress. The stuff she wears are what people in their twenties wear. She looks great for her age, but she really needs to get over herself. Also, man I can’t stand those bulby shoulder pads that are in style right now.

  15. Sarah O

    Hate the dress, but I still think she looks good.

  16. Sajorina

    I can’t deal with the turtleneck, the exaggerated shoulder pads and the slit, but those shoes are FABULOUS!

  17. kickassmomnyc

    Heidi heidi heidi ‘ho!
    When you win the genetic lottery, you don’t have to try so hard. This getup is an embarrassment.

  18. Bottle Ginger

    Her neck is gone! The dress has eaten her neck! Oh, wait, it’s just an absurdly undefined high neck combined with ridiculous shoulder pads that make her shoulders look higher, not wider. That neckline would make any woman look like Quasimodo in drag.

    No amount of leg can make up for that.

  19. Elizabeth

    Heidi has always had thick thighs and a thick waist. Charlize Theron also has a thicker waist.

  20. Scanderoon

    It’s a size too tight, it’s an atrocious colour on her, I can see the gradation of self-tanner on her upper thigh, ugh. She looks likes someone’s style-challenged athletic friend being forced into a dress that is not her own.

    And I am super distracted by all the different skin tones she’s got going on. One for face, hands, and dress lining; another for arms; slightly darker than that for legs; and then that lovely shade of TMI at the top of the slit.

    I say again, UGH!

  21. VanDee

    On Chloe Sevigny’s behalf I take offense that her name is being dragged through the mud by association with this dress. I doubt she’d be seen dead in this cheap and nasty little number. As someone else said it looks far more TSwift.

  22. ML

    [singing] “Someone left the giiiiift box… in the raaaaain…”*

    *with apologies to the late Donna Summer, MacArthur Park, gift boxes everywhere and rain

  23. RubySue

    I have no words. Okay, I have two: Age. Inappropriate.

  24. Franziska

    The slit is unnecessary and it’s simply too short. Especially when you see her standing next to Taylor Swift who wore a similar dress but is more than 15 years younger than Heidi Klum. Heidi’s facial expression actually made me think of Stella McCartney.

  25. Lion

    She has such beautiful hands! (I know we are not to comment on people’s bodies…)

  26. Ranee Singleton

    And if someone on Project Runway had done this dress, she would be the first one slamming it for being too short, too glittery, too cheap, poorly made and “not well thought out.”

  27. Sarah

    The proportions are terrible! She looks like she is choking and she has NO waist! She is like a rectangle. I know she has a mirror! Throw on a belt or maybe a different dress. You are a model, sure, but you have like 4 or 5 kids…maybe ditch the super high, crotch grazing, slit to there mini and dress like a woman.

    (rant over)

  28. Wordphreak

    This just screams desperation.

  29. Erin

    I was really hoping you were going to include this photo, because I know you ladies always wonder how people sit in these dresses.

  30. Lily1214

    There are times when I just don’t know about her.

  31. 7Kellx

    I am so beyond tired of Heidi KLUM a:) showing unattended every award show even though she’s not nominated or even in the genre or it B:) ALWAYS wearing a slit up to her crouch. Se is totally gorgeous and an wear anything, but she insists on always doing the same thing.

    That said this is a better effort. The color looks odd against her orange skin though. Oh anti hate the earrings. Like seriously hate. Maybe it’s just the cute sleeves I’m getting sucked into…

  32. karanakau

    From another perspective, this must be one ugly dress if even a supermodel can’t make it look good.