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Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera
    Real talk: Obviously, Christina is not the same stick-skinny body type that she was when she shot to fame. And that's fine; that's not a judgment from me. Curves are wonderful. What a lot of people in this town don't understand is that "skinny" and "healthy" often are not the same thing, and it takes guts not to lose your head in the quest for the former. As long as Christina is healthy, that's what matters, and in fact I think it's admirable that she's embracing them and not hiding in a caftan, nor backing away from her signature flamboyance, just because she's not a size 00 anymore.

    So THAT is why I like this dress: Not only is the color lovely, but it flatters her body. Dress the figure you have, not the one you remember. That will always serve you well. And here, she finally is. And other than the fact that she's tanner than shoe leather, the more restrained color scheme on her makeup (I can't call it actual restrained makeup, because there is A LOT OF IT there; it's just in gentle hues) reminds you how lovely she is because it doesn't bury her features.