Of all the fashion shows we posted this month, the fairly hideous getups of Alexander Wang’s #WANGFEST interested you the most, presumably because we all love both a Wang pun and a fairly hideous getup. Of magazine covers, you were hottest for Idris Elba, OBVIOUSLY, and for TV recaps, people were very, very excited to discuss the sexual reunion of Jamie and Claire on Outlander.

Of our regular content, though, here were the top ones of the month:

  1. I can’t decide if it’s more fun when the celebs are in recognizable costumes, or more fun when I have NO IDEA what they’re meant to be. This Halloween slideshow has a lot of both.
  2. When Debra Messing got her Walk of Fame star, we used it to discuss Will & Grace.
  3. Velvet is BACK, and we ogled it, and also shopped it a fair bit. Which reminds me that I need to pop in and buy those Sole Society loafers.
  4. The October slew of Mostly Bad Movie Posters involves lots of Merged Heads and stacked people. But also a couple good ones? (Separately, I can’t decide what to name that feature. Originally I was going to call it Stupid Takes on Stupid Posters, but that’s off-putting. I went with “Yes They Made These” but it’s blah. “Mostly Bad Movie Posters” could work, actually, as it is very true: MOST are bad, some are not. Thoughts?)
  5. A Louis Vuitton party is ALWAYS good for some bad clothes, and at this one, lots of people looked pirate- or revolutionary-adjacent.
  6. Stranger Things 2 is here, and the premiere looked like a gas.
  7. DuchCam danced with Paddington Bear, which I imagine made George and/or Charlotte ragingly jealous — Charlotte, because she’d have all kinds of questions about the logistics of Paddington’s various life journeys, and George because SPINNING IS LOVELY AND GRANNY CAROLE LETS ME DO IT ALL OVER HER LAWN BUT NOT AFTER I’VE EATEN ICE CREAM SO I NEED AN ICE CREAM AFTER THANK YOU PLEASE YES.
  8. I think we all love catching up with whatever Rihanna is doing.
  9. Y’all equally enjoyed ogling Katie Holmes’s new and very dramatic haircut, and Angelina Jolie’s new non-haircut haircut, so I’m counting them as a tie.
  10. Andrea Riseborough’s unpredictable fashion sense wowed many of you as well. Not always in positive ways. “Startled” could be a word for it.

Honorable Mention: Olivia Colman taking over The Crown from Claire Foy.