I am watching Thursday’s episode of Will & Grace as I type — the second one of the season — and I am very curious what you all think of the reboot. I made no secret of my skepticism, and so far my feeling is: Some of it still works, because a good line is a good line (“What’s with the Laura Bush pour? I want the Pat Nixon pour,” was a standout from the premiere), but some of the physical comedy is a bit frenetic and dated, and I’m not sure why the mere sight of Jack walking across the room is still a punch line in and of itself. Also, the second act of the episode was just a string of scenes with about four lines apiece, as if the producers were like, “Oh, shit, if we stay with each one for any longer than we have to, they become unwatchable.” I don’t know. There’s something comforting about it, in a way, but also something painful. I welcome a zinger, but the screwball antics don’t land. And the updated jazz-hands theme song feels like The Game Show Network Presents: Will & Grace, so… maybe THAT part could’ve been rebooted in its pure form?

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