It’s official: With season two of The Crown in the books, the production will stay true to its word and recast the show for its third and fourth runs (and then again for its fifth and sixth). First to sign on: Olivia Colman, brilliant in her Golden Globe-winning role from The Night Manager, will get to play Queen Elizabeth II. Supposedly season two takes us into the mid-sixties, which means Claire Foy’s early runs haven’t stretched as far as I expected — meaning, we also don’t know whether season three or four will get Colman far enough to tuck into the meaty Chuck-and-Di years. Here’s hoping.

What do you think? As noted in the slideshow above, I actually think Olivia Colman would’ve made a great replacement for Vanessa Kirby’s Margaret, based on resemblance alone. But I also think once she plonks on the wig, she’s going to slide right into it and be marvelous.

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