In case you weren’t all up in our grill in June — it’s fine, we forgive you — I bring you the ten most-read posts from June. Make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the fun! (As always, I filtered out recaps, and Royals Round-Ups.)

  1. Trooping the Colour, in which Princess Charlotte and Prince George are THE CUTEST
  2. May’s Best Accessories. Purses! Hats! JEWELS!
  3. The Hats of Royal Ascot. Speaking of hats.
  4. All These People at the Tonys, Including Oprah and her Cute Glasses. Speaking of accessories.
  5. Hamilton at the Tonys. Here comes the general!
  6. Celebs in Jeans. Because we all like to talk about jeans.
  7. Wills and Kate at Royal Ascot. Hats! Carriages! Pointing!
  8. Wills and Kate and Harry and a bunch of other British royals. In which Kate wears a really bad hat. I’M SORRY, KATE.
  9. All These Attractive People at the CFDA Awards. You guys enjoy attractive people.
  10. And, finally: The Kick-Off of Blake Lively’s Press Junket for The Shallows.

As a Fun Bonus, the US Olympics Swimming Trials are underway at the moment. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t take this moment to link to perhaps our most read post EVER (neck and neck with Wills and Kate’s Wedding Live-blog, and truly, those stats tell you a lot about Fug Nation): A SALUTE TO THE ABS OF THE 2012 OLYMPIC POOL.