Because I couldn’t bear to separate them a minute sooner than their schedules dictate.

You also need to know that Renee Elise Goldsberry is 45. (I would have guessed 35, and only that because I know her as Evangeline from One Life To Live and that was a while ago, so I had a frame of reference.) And the reason that’s relevant is: She gave a very emotional speech about how she, essentially, spent what the industry tells women are their Prime Acting Years trying to have children (she ultimately gave birth to one, and adopted one). In acknowledging that she got both the family AND the Tony for which she wished, she was expressing gratitude for her blessings, but also giving a poignant nod to the fact that women SHOULD be told that their prime career years are, in fact, ALL OF THEIR YEARS. Every last damn one of them. (To wit, Jayne Houdyshell, who won for featured role in a play, is 62.) We do not expire when we hit 30, or 35, or anything beyond it. We ripen. WORK.

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