Notes of great importance:

1) I love Keri Russell. If you haven’t watched The Americans, you MUST catch up on it while it’s on hiatus. It is tremendous, she is amazing in it, and she looks fantastic throughout.

2) Keri Russell ALSO just had a baby, like….well, less than a month ago, for sure. (With her co-star, Matthew Rhys, whom I also treasure deeply.) She looks fantastic. She is to be commended for being upright.  She introduced the performance from Waitress last night, and I can only imagine that was very emotional and important for her; she is wonderful in the movie version, and I’m sure she misses Adrienne Shelly very much. So good on Keri for coming out.

3) Does she look slightly like a very glamorous bullfighter? Discuss. I will note that I think this dress looked MUCH better on TV than it did in still pictures.

[Photos: Getty Images]