Lots of firsts today: It’s the first time Wills and Kate have come to Royal Ascot together, and we also learned today that Wills is July’s cover model for Attitude magazine, making him the first member of the British Royal Family photographed for the cover of a gay magazine. Good on you, dude. (The cover is also good; you can see it at that link, and I’m sure I’ll cover it in Royals Round-Up this week, as well.) It is also the first time Kate has worn these beige shoes wherein I have thought, “yeah, those might have been the right call.” WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE. In case you were wondering, this is the D&G dress Kate wore for the Queen’s horsey Birthday Spectacular, which I HATED at the time, but which I actually think looks fantastic today, so that is also a first.

And, ergo, onto Royal Ascot, where — speaking of Royals Round-Up — we also got a cameo from Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary.

[Photos: Getty Images]