As the Olympics of The Pool have largely closed, and we’ve moved on to the Olympics of the Track, it seems like a good time to quietly reflect upon all we’ve learned about swimming over the last several days. Things like: we can’t imagine how weird it’s going to be to have a Summer Olympics without Michael Phelps, who was so awesome and relaxed in all his interviews this week, and who seemed to be absorbing the experience in a way that was really touching; the Olympics truly are about bringing the best athletes of the world together in (mostly) friendly yet fierce competition and that is one of the reasons I love them; we admire NBC commentator Rowdy Gaines for his unfailing ability to be deeply and LOUDLY thrilled by the end of every race and we hope he acts like this at home when his wife, say, remembers to buy the Doritos he requested; and HOLY ABS PLEASE DON’T EVER PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON, MALE SWIMMERS/DIVERS OF THE WORLD. Because while we might not all be cheering for the same country, we can all appreciate hot Olympians. Happy Monday, Fug Nation.

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