I was talking to my mom about this over the weekend, and we agreed that one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable to see the royals at the Olympics is that they’re obviously just having a really, really good time, and they clearly like each other, and that’s just charming to see.  Wills and Kate and Harry have done yeoman’s work in humanizing the royals — so many of us, of course, come at the boys from a place of fondness because of Diana anyway (not just because we liked her, but because she was so tragic in so many ways, and because it was terrible for them to lose her so young, and because we’ve known them since they were tiny) — and honestly, I think Wills marrying Kate has done more positive work for Royal Family PR than…well, basically anything. Just as the Olympics teaches us all about Hot People of World, the Royals At the Olympics have taught us that likeable people having a legitimately good time at something as awesome as the Olympics = yay! With no further ado, here’s your daily dose of yay.

[Photos: Getty and Splash]