Staying up late to watch the Olympics is starting to wear me out. It doesn’t help that I then have to watch Big Brother three days out of the week, and also for some reason I decided I needed to start playing the Sims again and my Prince Harry Sim has a serious drinking problem that I’m finding riveting. Yada yada yada, thank God I get to sleep in tomorrow. To keep you awake:

Scientology’s rehab centers, Narcanon, are under investigation for possibly killing some people. This article also reminded me that The Fix — which focuses on issues of addiction and recovery — is a really interesting publication, regardless of whether you struggle with addition or not.  The comments are also generally interesting. (The Fix)

– I present: Deep Thoughts from Ryan Lochte. I have realized during the last week that although Lochte is super hot, I kind of wish he would talk less.  He is not a great interview. Which is okay, except he gets interviewed A LOT.  Whereas Phelps — whom I love — is a great interview. I was about to say, “of course, it’s not a competition,” and then I realized that in many ways between those two, it literally is a competition. (The Cut)

– Speaking of Lochte, you probably want to watch this video where he tries to define what a caftan is. (YouTube)

– Speaking of the Olympics, you NEED to read ESPN The Magazine’s article about what a big orgy-fest the Olympic village is. CAN YOU BLAME THEM? (ESPN) (Thanks to Girls of a Certain Age for directing me to this.)

– These portraits of men in half-drag — or, rather, literally half in drag and half out of drag — are so compelling. (Refinery29)

– I was about to say that I can’t believe Katy Perry is dating John Mayer, except OF COURSE I can. It makes total sense. (Lainey)

– Let’s take a look at the world’s scariest bridges! (Travel and Leisure)

Do you think the Swedish royals are tired of their Olympic rugby shirts? Prince Carl Philip is very good-looking, I must say. (Celebitchy)

– I want a Pantone Queen!  (Apartment Therapy)

– Cinnabon really IS everywhere. Including, now, Libya. (Time)

Which 90s Nickelodeon character are you? This reminds me how much I used to love Keenan and Kel and then I fall down this rabbit hole of looking at old Dance 360 videos on YouTube and next thing you know, it’s Monday again. (Flavorwire)