Hope you’re all hanging in there!! I’m having a constant existential crisis but it’s fine!! I’m fine!!!!!!!!!

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Do you need a caftan, or something caftan-ish? I rounded some up.

We had a lot of Afternoon Chats this week, and maybe you’ll need one of them:

Care Package Crowdsourcing (For Others, And Yourself)

It’s Still Earth Day

Your Most Creative Quarantine Meal

In a massive tonal shift for which I apologize, but this is not a piece you can really work up to slowly. It is unforgettable, and it made me cry: How Donald Trump Almost Killed My Husband. [Vanity Fair]

At ESPN: ‘Love & Basketball’: An oral history of the film that changed the game

OH YES, at Dance Spirit:  The Making of “Center Stage,” as Remembered by Its Dance Stars

Speaking of dancing, this is DELIGHTFUL: 5,6,7,8! Watch the Cast of the 2006 A Chorus Line Revival Reunite to Dance Through the Iconic Opening Number [Broadway.com]

At Vulture: Kate Beckinsale Answers Every Question We Have About Serendipity

At WaPo: ‘While You Were Sleeping’ turns 25: An oral history of the Sandra Bullock rom-com favorite

This is really interesting, at Esquire: What Brought Beyoncé, U2, and BTS to Amish Country?

This seems relaxing, via British Vogue: Dior Just Released A Glamorous 1949 Documentary Shot Inside Its New Look-Era Atelier

A very good read, at the NYT: My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore?

At Lainey, here’s some good news: What Beyoncé’s been doing

This is great, at York Avenue: Three Ways to Support Independent Bookstores During Quarantine.

At The Millions: A Servant of One’s Own: On Virginia Woolf, Domestics, and Downton Abbey

At Collectors Weekly, this is cool: Bottled Up: Three Centuries of Whimsey Constructed Within Walls of Glass. I love things in bottles!!

Juicy, at T&C: How Romanov Emeralds Ended Up With American Princess Barbara Hutton

At Pajiba, this feels like news you can use: Guillermo del Toro, Ari Aster, Ava DuVernay And Other Famous Filmmakers Reveal What They’ve Been Watching

At the NYT, A Seaside Irish Village Adopts Matt Damon

At The Stripe, Grace rounded up some virtual party ideas and it gave me good cheer for a brief moment!

This is a hell of a lede at the NY Post: “Brent Underwood learned a tough lesson: Don’t spend millions on a ghost town in which you wouldn’t want to self-isolate. The 32-year-old marketer took sheltering in place to the next level when he became trapped in a California ghost town he recently purchased. The problem is: There’s no running water and a snowstorm has him trapped. Plus, it may be haunted.”

Shit is getting weird in quarantine, y’all. At the NYT: “I’m Working Remotely. Can I Keep Hiding My Secret Baby?”

At Socialite Life, this is just what I needed: Stanley Tucci Teaching The World How To Make A Negroni Is The Video You Need To Watch Right Now

At Lainey again, Andre Leon Talley has come out SWINGING against Anna Wintour in his new book. Guess we’re all burning it all down!

Also at T&C: All Hail Martha Stewart’s Big Quarantine Energy. YES. Honestly, Martha’s Instagram has ALWAYS been a treat and now even more so. I love her so much.