Every year for the last few years, Heather and I have had this very Earth Day chat, where we talk about the small changes we’re making as individuals to help the environment. And even though everything else is a total shitshow right now, it is true that the air in Southern California at least has been wonderful the last month — clear and clean, because so many people are not driving anywhere, because of our stay at home order. I am not a person who finds any silver lining in this pandemic — get through things however you can, but I am just not that person anymore — but that, I can acknowledge, is at least a nice side effect. And when I was thinking about it this morning, I decided that we¬†should do our annual earth day chat. Maybe you made some small and interesting changes in your life since the last chat that we should know about! Maybe you planted a small garden that you’re very grateful to have at the moment! Maybe you have some good news to share about the earth.