These are three congenial-looking people with great smiles and very good teeth, and I can understand why People went for this shot even though, technically, the two adults are working overtime to hide their necks. (I kind of like Kate’s top, even though I don’t think it’s necessarily great in this particular shot.) You can REALLY tell they’re all related; it’s sweet. Are any of us going to remember this happened in three months? No — well, the people at People who had to work on this will, because I’m sure they were like, “Ugh, we worked forever on the Beautiful issue and now no one really cares? I need more Cheez-its,” and I have sympathy for them there — but at the same time, that is probably better than folks being like, “Remember that insane People cover that came out during the Inside Times? I’ll never forget it.” In other words: Good for you, People, keep on keepin’ on, it’s hard to put out a magazine now, we all need you to hang in there because when the Outside Times are back, we all want to lay by a body of water and read you.

The interview is very reasonable and People-y — as expected, People isn’t going to run an interview where the cover stars star talking about are talking about Alex Jones or whatever — and, regardless, that is definitely a very cute and snuggly baby.

You can see all of People’s beautiful covers here:

Might be a good way to wile away some time, no?