This was a reader request, and I think it might be helpful to a lot of us! She wrote in wondering if we knew of any local businesses that would help her put together care packages for her little niece (who is in NYC) and her brother, who is in Los Angeles. And this is tough, because A LOT of small businesses are (correctly) totally closed right now, or are only doing curbside pick-up (although you could, I suspect, tell an adult, “go drive over to XZY, I bought you seven bottles of wine and they’re waiting for you”). Do you have any suggestions for her? What are you doing for gifts for people right now? Or even for yourself? More broadly, feel free to use the comments to ask for recommendations for things you need in your area, in case people have the answer. For example, one of the tiny local wine shops/secret bars here in Pasadena, Monopole Wine, is doing delivery, shipping, and curbside pick-up, so if you need wine, that’s a nice alternative to BevMo or Drizly. If you need food gifts, I’ve been turning to our friends at Zingerman’s (note: I’m only friends with them in my own mind).  If you’re in the San Gabriel Valley and need yeast, Julienne (in San Marino) has some (as of this morning’s email). Hold forth and crowd-source!