This is a reader suggestion and it is a great one! It’s distantly related to the time we talked about That One Weird Thing You Eat (a really fun and funny chat from last summer that I recommend, if you haven’t read it before), but it is, of course, specific to These Times: I think everyone is trying not to go to the market too often, working on saving money, trying to eat out of our freezers and pantries, and making do with what we’ve got more than ever. (As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Food Subs is getting a real workout at my house lately as I try to figure out if I can make XZY when I don’t have Z. Usually, the answer is yes.) Feels like no better time than now to discuss any Creative Meal Work-Arounds And Inventions we’ve stumbled on. Have you ever made a delicious something-or-other with a weird substitution that actually turned out great? Did you invent a dish just because it’s what you had in the fridge and it came out tasting really intentional? (I think we’ve all made the I’m Gonna Just Throw This Together Because Otherwise It’s Going to Waste meal that’s been mediocre.) Please let us learn from your wisdom!

And while we’re here: Many folk are suffering from serious food insecurity at the moment, rather than just an inability to get to the market as much as they’d like; if you can donate to your local food pantry right now, please consider doing so. That link goes to Feeding America, but if any of you have better recommendations for organizations aiding the food insecure, please share them in the comments. Thank you for helping!