Hello friends, and I hope you have a great Passover/Easter if you plan to be observing either of those holidays today/this weekend.

Here’s some good stuff to read:

Do you need a new cute floaty spring-time top? I have you sorted.

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I got NO WORK DONE on Monday because I was so stressed out and incredibly sad about Notre Dame burning; it’s a miracle that turned out as well as it did, honestly, because I thought we were going to lose the entire thing. Waking up on Tuesday to discover that all three rose windows made it through is the first time I’ve woken up to good news on Twitter in about two and a half years. Anyway, there’s a ton of good pieces about Notre Dame and why people were so affected by the fire floating around this week, but I really liked this at the New York Times: Woven Into the Fabrics of France. The photos are great.

This is also good — the pictures are AMAZING — at Considerable: The gargoyles of Notre Dame, witnesses to so much

This was a great piece from Alissa Wilkinson at Vox: Why we wept when Notre Dame burned

Notre Dame has — thank goodness! — plenty of money to rebuild, and will get lots of help (in part thanks to the generosity of Mr. Salma Hayek; you can stay, Mr. Salma). But three historically black churches burned down in ONE WEEK in the same parish in Louisiana; they have a GoFundMe going at the moment to help raise money to rebuild their places of worship and community, and they can use the help. (The police have caught and charged the man they believe to be the racist monster behind these hate crimes.)

At Lainey: Jason Momoa shaved! Do you like him better bearded, or not? 

This is good, at Bon Appetit: Joy, Pain, and Puke at the 2019 Hot Sauce Expo

At Pajiba, this seems like a REALLY pertinent question: Who the Hell Thought it Was a Good Idea to Let Robert Downey Jr. Make a Dr. Dolittle Movie?

The Cut has a good interview with Bella Ramsey, the actress who plays that bad-ass 15 year old Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones. This might be the best exchange: “What will you miss most about playing her? I think the opportunity to stand up in front of a load of grown men and shame them.” Girl, with any luck, you’ll be able to shame men who need it for the rest of your days.

The LA Times has re-launched their food section — which used to be amazing, folded when the paper had financial issues, and is now back and amazing again. Unfortunately, it seems like for newspapers to survive, it helps if they are purchased by permissive billionaires. ANYWAY, this was a really, really great piece this week: I get one last Lent with my Mami. I’m using it to learn our family’s capirotada recipe.

While we’re on the topic of food, this was a great longer piece at Eater about pricy premium ice cream: How ultra-premium, super-artisanal, impossibly indie ice cream took over the supermarket freezer case. 

I haven’t had a chance to watch Beyonce’s Homecoming yet, although I am looking forward to it (among other things, it promises a ton of logistics about her exceptional Coachella performance, and you know I LOVE logistics; in that piece I just linked to, I literally wrote, “I am also dying for a 12-episode documentary series about the logistics of putting the concert together.” Thank you, Bey!). I really enjoyed this piece about it, at The Atlantic: Beyoncé’s Black-Intellectual Homecoming

At Celebitchy, this is quite sincerely news I needed. I am not kidding: Kim Kardashian finally explains her weird-ass, poorly designed bathroom sinks

Over at Socialite Life, whilst we’re on the subject of the JennerDashians: John F. Kennedy’s Grandson Jack Schlossberg Reportedly Has a Crush on Kendall Jenner. This young man’s hair is GLORIOUS is all I know.

At Vox: Inside the State Department’s weird, charming international fashion show

This was great, at The Guardian: Fifty shades of white: the long fight against racism in romance novels

At the Mary Sue, this truly spoke to me: All of Us Are Out Here Endlessly Buying New Notebooks. It, as the kids say, me.