This week’s edition of Royals Round-Up brings you both royal boyfriends AND royal sequins. Behold!

In other news: No Sussex Infant news has yet come to pass, but we’ve moved into that time period where I wake up with a start and check my phone to make sure I’m not sleeping through anything important; this Sunday is Easter, and we might get Kate and Wills at church w. Granny, especially because Easter is Her Majesty’s birthday (though I’ve also heard that they’re doing Easter with the Middletons this year); Wills is heading off to New Zealand on next Thursday/Friday; Prince Louis’s first birthday is on Wednesday, so I wonder if we’ll get new pics? Fingers crossed, but lots of stuff on the docket, regardless.

Elsewhere of potential interest to you and yours:

This is really REALLY really interesting (and logistics-y!), at Journalists Resource: Prince Harry in Afghanistan: Miguel Head shares the story of a historic media blackout.

In news you can perhaps use, that cute J.Crew sweater that Kate keeps wearing is on mad sale at the moment — just an FYI. (Only marginally Kate-related, although she would also appreciate this: My VERY FAVE blue-and-white-striped tee of their’s is ALSO on deep sale.)

This headline at Elle made me laugh: Kate Middleton Walks Outside of Kensington Palace, Shocks Bystanders. WOMAN LEAVES HOUSE!

Speaking of Kate leaving the house, she and Wills took George and Charlotte out with the Tindalls last weekend — we didn’t cover that here because I couldn’t get the photos legally. But they were CUTE. George is SO tall now. (I also like Wills in that flat cap.) [People]

This isn’t strictly royals-related, but I think you’ll find it interesting, anyway, as it’s quite a shiny piece. At The Court Jeweller: THE BEAUMONT EMERALD ART DECO NECKLACE. (Whoa! That cut-and-paste of the headline came through like it meant it!)

Interesting, at Town & Country — I meant to share this last week and dropped the ball: Why Camilla Will Be Key to Prince Charles’s Reign

Also from our friends at T&C, this was very interesting, as well: Ahead of the arrival of baby Sussex, take a look back at the royal family’s history of maternity leave.

Related, Vanity Fair reports that Harry and Meghan might be hiring…hang on to your pearls…AN AMERICAN NANNY OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SCANDALE!! NOT AN AMERICAN!!!!!!

And, on social media:

Andrew is apparently still in China:

Anne is still out doing her usual:



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