Well, we made it through another week. As you may have noticed, GFY got a little facelift. We know there still some kinks to be ironed out and we’re very grateful for everyone’s patience while we fix a few things that aren’t quite working yet. We’re aware of most of them, I think — particularly the issues with photos in slideshows in Chrome; We are working on them! — but feel free to let us know in that post what looks weird to you. We’re on it! There are always a few bumps along with way with an overhaul like this, but things are being fixed as we speak. (PS: If you’re reading this on mobile, know that you can just touch a photo if you want to see it larger.)

And, now, other things for you to read around the internet:

– You guys! Elle has an oral history of My So-Called Life!

– Look at all these AMAZING Art Nouveau doors! [The Vintage News]

This Buzzfeed piece on fan fiction is so worth your time: “From The Walking Dead to The Flash, fanfiction adds necessary nuance to the narratives of black women onscreen – thanks to the black women who are writing these stories.”

– Some great news from NPR: Somali Refugee Makes History In U.S. Election.

The Hollywood Reporter has a compelling examination of what really happened the night mega-publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered. I don’t know how this hasn’t been a Dateline yet.

– Racked explores what’s happening to all the stores located in Trump Tower now that it’s not just a standard New York building. (In short, Trump deciding to spend a lot of his time there is a logistical mess for them.)

Lainey takes on Goop’s Gift Guides. Say that five times fast.

– Did you read this, at WaPo? Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’. It’s very interesting.

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Kris Jenner HATES the baby name Rob and Blac Chyna picked for their baby because it’s bad Kardashian branding. In these troubled times, I am happy Kris has her priorities straight. (Also, NONE of her grandchildren have a K name, so I don’t know if I believe this, but it makes me laugh to think that she gets enraged with EVERY name reveal. EVERY TIME!)

– Hee. Isla Fisher’s Christmas card last year had a photo of Amy Adams on it, and no one noticed. [Vulture]

– There is a MUSEUM OF BAGS AND PURSES in the Netherlands. Let’s go! [Atlas Obscura]

– And Vogue brings us the best-selling red lipsticks EVER.

– Over at Revelist, this spider dress is terrifying and insane. For real, it’s intense.

Pajiba continues to be ALL OVER the Hamilton mixtape, bless them.

– Finally, our friend Kristin Burke — who was the costume designer on Sleep Hollow went we went to visit — is working with Syrian refugee families here in California currently, many of whom have arrived in the United States with literally nothing. She’s set up a variety of Amazon wish lists for these families to help them set up for a new life here, if you feel compelled to help welcome them to their new lives in strange place. (I sent one family shoes. It felt right.)