At last! Royals Round-Up is here. William went to Vietnam, Harry seemed super happy, the Spanish princesses are adorable, and Phil went to a very cool looking museum.

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Brits attended a variety of events for Remembrance Day. We also have two new recaps of The Crown for you. (You can always get to them from our new drop-down menu up top, as well — and by “them,” I mean both recaps, and the newest from all the royals.)

FYI, if some of the slides are wonky for you (you can’t see the entire pic, for example, or the text is covering the pic and you can’t scroll it up or down), we are aware and we’re working on it. New site glitches! We appreciate your patience!

And, elsewhere of interest around the internet:

– At last, Buckingham Palace is getting its MUCH NEEDED renovation. Basically, if they don’t fix it, it will burst into flames. Bonus: this article has some excellent Royal Logistics. [The Guardian]

At Order of Splendor, Charlene looked fabulous in red Carolina Herrera.

– I long for one of you to attend this exhibit at Chatsworth House and report back. [Vogue]

– There’s ALSO an exhibit of Diana’s clothing coming to Kensington Palace on the 20th anniversary of her death that sounds very interesting. [InStyle]

– This is SAUCY: