Have fun this Super Bowl Sunday, Fug Nation! Even if you don’t like football, surely you enjoy chips and dip! While I’m stuffing my face with queso, please enjoy:

–  I have read this sentence five times and the words are still both GLORIOUS, and make no sense in this order: ‘[T]he highlight for me was the bizarre Disney synergy exercise of a halftime show, ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye,’ in which an Indy look-alike (Harrison Ford refused to participate) rescued the stolen Vince Lombardi Trophy from a jungle lair whose dangers included frenzied temple worshipers, the evil Eye of Mara, and Patti LaBelle singing ‘New Attitude.'” AMAZING. That is just one tidbit in Ken Jennings’ — yes, that Ken Jennings —  piece about the ten best Super Bowls from a trivia perspective. (Grantland)

You KNOW you want to see the new Hunger Games trailer. You guys, it looks good. Although the music at the end is really close to the X-Files theme song. Mulder would not allow ritualized murder of children to stand! (Lainey)

Some dude bought a pigeon for over $300,000. Buddy! You know they’re free in the park, right? (Actually, my favorite part of this article is the linked piece at the end, the headline of which is: Pigeons Remember That You Hate Them, Will Probably Plot Revenge Later. I knew it.) (Time)

– Look at all the people Meryl Streep has kissed on the red carpet! (Vulture)

– Actually, all of New York’s work this week on what they’re calling The Celebrity Economy is fascinating. (NY Mag)

– Apparently, Pippa Middleton is back on with her old beau, the future Duke of Northumberland. Someone’s not going to rest until she, too, has a title, and I can not tell you how THRILLED I AM that there is now gossip that involves me getting to use the phrase, “the Duke of Northumberland.”  Seriously, these two are like a novel — the older, beautiful, kind sister (I am projecting) who patiently waits and finally marries the prince, and her PLOTTING SCHEMEY CRAZY younger sister, who will STOP AT NOTHING to advance her family’s name (ahem, also, theorizing for dramatic purposes). Just don’t land in The Tower, either of you. We’ve heard this story before and it ends with one of you having six fingers and no head. (Celebitchy)

– On last night’s Kimmel, ahem: Gary Oldman’s Dramatic Recounting of Snooki’s Urinary Tract Infection. Oh, Sirius Black. Is there nothing you can’t do? (Pajiba)

– You need to see this piece about Downton Abbey stars off-screen. You guys, there’s a shot of Bates holding a baby. BATES HOLDING A BABY. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (Paper)

–  The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores In the World! I’m sure we all want to go to there. (Flavorwire)

– GQ UK thinks Chris Brown is the worst-dressed man in the world. (GQ)

– The Fix, an addiction and recovery magazine that also happens to have some really great writing, is currently boasting an article about Courtney Love that will curl your hair. She and Frances, for example, are in a huge fight over Cobain’s belongings. And claims crack has helped her math skills. And also has problems with Dr Phil’s kitchen tile. (The Fix)

– How many chicken wings are you going to eat this weekend? Kobayashi had 337. No big. (Deadspin)

– Finally! Our book SPOILED went on sale in Australia and New Zealand this week! So go out there and buy it, friends in those fair countries.