Honestly, I feel like this could have been TERRIBLE. And yet it was kind of entertaining, not only because Madge closed this thing with “Like a Prayer,” which is possibly my favorite Madonna song ever. Although I also love “Express Yourself.” And who doesn’t have fond memories of roller-skating to “Material Girl,” other than the many of you who were not born around the same time that I was? Although my fond memories are less about skating and more about clinging to the wall of the rink and screeching, “I LOVE THIS SONG” to my friend Cheri as she skated past.  What I’m saying, though, is that I don’t think any of us expect the Super Bowl halftime show to be a bastion of good taste and classy ensembles. Like, this is an event which is best known for Janet Jackson’s nipple shield — the more headdresses, the better. Let’s take a closer look.