I can’t believe Hellcats didn’t work. How did a cheerleading soap opera on the CW not work? One Tree Hill has been on for NINE SEASONS, and nobody is even showing their abs anymore. Hellcats was ALL abs. Well, except when it was boring law student stuff and Aly Michalka doing acoustic jams in a prison cell with the dude she’s trying to free… yeah, you know what, never mind, I think I cracked the case. But Ashley Tisdale was cute on it, so I’m sure she’ll find something else to do as long as the CW still has money (which, please let that be forever).

Although maybe she needs the free time to revamp her wardrobe. Because while elements of this are fine, like the color and whatnot, she made the mistake of allowing it to be photographed from the back:

It’s what I imagine a girl would wear to skate her long program to an episode of Jersey Shore. You know, I have a real taste for ice-skating drama now that I’ve watched the U.S. pairs competition and found out how much partner-swapping there is. Ashley should wear this to a pitch meeting for some kind of Dynasty/Ice Castles hybrid wherein people are constantly stomping in and out of arenas in saucy outfits, throwing drinks at people, and then skating with HATE LUST.

Let’s check in on what her old pal and co-star Vanessa Hudgens wore to her big premiere:

Great color, but wow, that cut is about as unflattering to her figure as this movie may be to her resume.

[Photos: Getty]