So, after a couple of bum weeks, I am glad to report that HoD pulled it together for the season finale — and I am relieved that the show got renewed, given that this season ended on a bit of an emotional cliffhanger in terms of the longterm WHO WILL ZOE CHOOSE???? question. That being said, I was relieved to see her pull a Kelly Taylor and at least temporarily choose herself. This show is very charming and funny, but it also treats Zoe being single as a freakish and terrible thing, when, really, girlfriend could benefit from not having a boyfriend for a while. You’re a doctor with a great wardrobe, dude! Go out and make some friends other than Lavon (who I love) and a fifteen year old girl. Zoe should have A LOT more going on than just dithering between dudes. Being single at a wedding isn’t the end of the world; being single, period, is not a death sentence. Cultivate other interests!

And that’s advice that, actually, I think the show itself could take to heart over the break. It is funny and charming and I wholeheartedly recommend and enjoy it, while also wishing it was as adept at non-romantical storylines as it is at the lovey-dovey stuff. Again, look to Greek. REGARDLESS:  YAY for the show being renewed, YAY for Jaime King’s VAST AND MASSIVE improvement as an actress this season (and Lemon’s turnaround as a character),  and a big and enthusiastic YAY for the return of Shirtless Wade.