First off, in case you missed it, over the holidays I did a deep dive into our shopping data and pulled together the top ten items that Fug Nation bought over the year, as well as the top ten places you shopped via our links. It was fun and interesting! And I did NOT use much of that intel to write this post, which is honestly just a collection of enjoyable items that might brighten the next few months for you. Think of them as belated holiday gifts for yourself! Or really early Valentine’s Day presents to yourself! Whatever!

I do want to note that, while this is not a work-out wear focused piece, I have to recommend these Quince leggings, which I am wearing as I type. I also wore their cashmere crewneck ALL HOLIDAY BREAK and am toying with buying another one. I also was gifted a lazy susan for my fridge and it’s revolutionizing my condiment storage, in case you’re thinking that you need to revolutionize your condiment storage. Another hit from the holidays were these socks, which everyone loved and which I bought for myself, too. It also seems fair to note that this Breton-striped armchair I posted earlier in the year is currently — as I type, anyway! — on sale. (Speaking of sales, if you are this kind of organized person, you should probably take another squizz through our Ridiculous Christmas Items post and see if you can pick up a giant pink Christmas tree for less. Ditto our post about Delightful Hanukkah Stuff! And, honestly, possibly this year’s Gift Guide — maybe this time to shop for yourself? Or if you’re a totally OTHER kind of organized person, a gentle reminder that it’s time for you to pre-order Neiman Marcus’s $22,000 Crystal Christmas Tree Kit. It IS gorgeous.)

Here are some other little bits of joy!

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