Well Played, Luxembourg’s Royal Wedding: The Bride and Groom


We saw the civil ceremony earlier this week, but today was the Big Deal Religious Service, and once again, the bride and groom look really happy and she continues to be gorgeous. I am such a sucker for a fancy royal wedding.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    I do believe I prefer this dress to Middleton’s. Not sure why exactly, but I do. Very fairytale and they DO look happy!

  2. Cat

    Gorgeous. Both the bride and groom look very happy– love the dress, her makeup, the veil, the tiara. Lovely!

    • Daphne

      That’s not the groom! That’s her father I believe…

      • Jessica

        The groom is pictured inside the slideshow.

        • Daphne

          Whoops my bad!

          • CopyChic

            I made the same mistake. Like “why is she marrying that big dude with the hair.” A beautiful couple, beautiful dress, beautiful everything. Total side note, but can sleeveless bridal gowns go out of style now, please?

            • CopyChic

              And by sleeveless, I really mean strapless. Gah.

            •  S

              They will never totally go out of style, because it is so much easier for dress designers to do strapless and not worry about fitting sleeves to brides of different sizes.

  3.  Alayne

    Lovely, just lovely!

  4.  Shannon

    I luuuuurve her dress (and her whole look, actually), and I totally agree with you, Jessica, about celebrating the re-appearance of sleeves on wedding dresses. I can’t stand seeing those “say yes to the dress”-type shows, because they INSIST on sticking every single girl in a strapless dress, even though strapless dresses are not flattering on a lot of body types (including mine).

    I also celebrate the fact that he shaved his neckbeard. I wish he’d keep this look.

    •  jody

      Hear, hear! Strapless dresses should only be employed for weddings on the beach or in Vegas.

      • Sajorina

        I agree, sleeves rock! I don’t do strapless! My mom wore a beautiful costume lace wedding dress with long sleeves! She was just 22 years old and looked gorgeous! I may do the same if I ever get married!

        • Sajorina

          Ha! I’m laughing at myself for this typo! I meant “… beautiful CUSTOM lace wedding dress… “

          •  Shannon

            My mom’s custom wedding dress (in 1967) also had full lace sleeves. In fact, during the royal wedding, I called my mom and said, “Kate stole your dress!”

  5. cfmesq

    All hail the sleeves! Please let this trend take hold.

  6.  Miriam


  7.  HelenBackAgain

    Perfection. The dress, the veil, the tiara, the soft, low chignon and light makeup… flawless all.

    Oh, the groom looked pretty good, too.

    And they do look SO happy!

  8. Marie

    The mere thought of Flower Girl Jessica is making me smile like a royal bride.

  9. Daphne

    Can I just say I LOVE that you’ve now covered 2 Luxembourgish (yes, that’s how you say it) royal weddings. I’ve grown up here, and am currently back living here now, and I had NO idea there was avroyal wedding today!
    Fab dress.

  10. Louise

    UNinterested! UNinterested, not disinterested!

  11. AM

    Luxembourg is now on my list of places to visit. And yes, to all the comments about sleeves and the many strapless gowns, which don’t flatter everyone.

    •  Stacey

      Have to disagree. I’ve seen many a gorgeous, flattering, modest strapless wedding dress. To each her own!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I don’t think a strapless is appropriate, regardless of whether or not it looks good on the bride – which they hardly ever do.

    • Sally

      I drove through Luxembourg with my German boyfriend in the pre Euro years. We had so much fun stopping at gas stations, bakeries, delis andpaying for things in whatever currency we had. “Here are 10 Fr Francs, 3 Belge Frs and 6 Deutchmarks” “ok, you get 2 English pounds change.” It is a fun little place.

  12. jjdaddyo

    What’s the point of being a European Prince if you can’t get married in a sweet uniform with gold braid, a plumed hat and a sword? Sacre!

  13. Caitlin


    Seriously, bless Kate for not only bringing back sleeves, but LACE.

    •  Aspasia

      YES! I’m still hearing brides talk about lace looking too “old lady”. What the what? It *can* but that’s not a prerequisite.

  14. Stefanie

    This dress (imo) blows Kate’s out of the water. STUNNING. So SO stunning.

  15. Maria L.

    What a perfectly classy, gorgeous dress. I am so sick of brides looking for the sexy in a wedding dress. A church or other religious location (if that is where you are getting married), is no place to va va voom it. Save it for your honeymoon.

    God, I sound old, but it often seems like people have completely lost their compasses for what is appropriate at a certain time and place. It’s so nice to see photos of a bride looking beautiful without being bare.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I agree with you, except I’d extend the same don’t-go-sexing-it-up standard to civil services as well. The difference being, clothing for that can of course be more casual. In my opinion, this bride did it perfectly both times.

  16. Carrick

    Me too. At first I thought she was marrying the old dude. And I thought, “Hmm, old guys CAN get young women.” Then I realized you have to be rich and a prince or whatever. And, then I found out it was her dad, so welcome to the depressing rest of my day.

  17. moja31

    Royal brides have always worn sleeves of some sort, Kate Middleton didn’t change that. Claire’s dress is gorgeous, one of my favorite royal gowns of all time in fact (along with CP Victoria’s). The lace work is exquisite, and the style fits her to a tee; the off white color really lets the details shine through.

    • jc

      Thank you. I was about to make the same remark. Mary of Denmark, Letizia of Spain, Marie-Chantal of Greece and Mette- Marit of Norway all wore long-sleeved dresses.
      Victoria of Sweden is the only exception to the rule of later day royal weddings. She is also the only one being heir to the throne and not marrying an heir.

  18. Art Eclectic

    Speaking for the “women of a certain age” contingent, the bride’s father is rather hunky.

  19.  Beth

    Look like the same/similar dress that her sister in law wore during her wedding last year. Elie Saab is redundant

  20. Jodi

    While I think the dress is lovely, and perfectly appropriate for the big church wedding, I secretly think I like the civil ceremony better! Its just that all these royal religious ceremonies tend to look the same, while at the civil ceremonies reflect so much more of the personalities of the bride and groom. I also feel that the big, white, lace dresses are very much the same. And, although Claire is very beautiful in that dress, are we all really that surprised at the dress? Now, I know we are not really MEANT to be surprised, but still, I’d like to think “Now here’s a bride who really has a sense of her individual style!” and I did not get that here. I did get it for the civil ceremony, which is why I secretly liked it better.

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE IT! This seems like the perfect wedding for a lovely couple! She looks GORGEOUS! Her dress, tiara, veil, shoes, jewelry, hair & makeup are just PERFECTION! He looks GREAT as well! FAB!!! I adore Pic #7… She looks soooo happy! Congratulations & God Bless!

  22. ItsDicey

    Her smile is the BEST accessory of all time.

  23. Becky

    Were there no fancy old churches in Luxembourg in which to hold this wedding? For anyone else, I wouldn’t even think of it, but if you’re a ROYAL from Luxembourg, then I would imagine people might want to see your wedding in your country.

  24. ceecee

    As the mother of two boys (now grown men) I can’t imagine the stress of trying to keep them clean in those white suits. Mine would have fallen in the only mud puddle in five miles right before the wedding started. And who else heard the nuns singing “How to You Solve a Problem Like Marie” in that long shot of the cathedral?

  25. Karen June

    I was tickled by the time & date stamp next to the registry.

  26. Pamb

    I love the Notary Public’s Official Stamp (courtesy of Office Max) that is on the fancy table where the bride and groom sign the marriage certificate. Royalty; they’re just like us!

  27. Erin

    This wedding dress was the perfect palate cleanser following that horrid Miley Cyrus outfit. So lovely.