Well Played, the Luxembourg Royal Wedding, Civil Ceremony


Apparently, the big church do (at the Sainte Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume basilica in the South of France, don’t you know) is this weekend — don’t worry, we’ll cover it amidst all our Emmys coverage. We’d NEVER strand you without royal wedding coverage — but the happy couple made it legal yesterday. I must say, I love her short little dress for what is essentially a courthouse wedding (I am obsessed with chic courthouse weddings) and they look crazy happy.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Annie Mouse

    Are we supposed to have images? I mean, all text posts are good, don’t get me wrong – I love reading! YAY WORDS! Et cetera. But there are usually pictures to show us what you’re well-playing in times like these.

  2. S

    :( Pls shw pix

  3. tikitavica
  4. Stefanie


    She looks so chic! And he is a fox. Bring on the tiaras! I am ready!

    • Kristen from MA

      Luxembourg has some serious tiara fire power, too.

      • Stefanie

        YES! I’ve been reading up on Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor. I love that website.

  5. Dyanna

    My husband surely knows what kind of vehicle that is. If I ask him however, he may suddenly be upset at the idea that we didn’t leave our wedding in one.

    • Jessica

      UGH. Sometimes there is a glitch in the system where it doesn’t recognize that I need there to be a slideshow. SO SORRY. ARGH. I hate it when that happens.

    •  jenelope

      The car appears to be a BMW Isetta 300. It’s very similar to the VELAM Isetta in the Astaire/Hepburn movie Funny Face.

      • Erica

        I rushed to the interwebs to find out what it was, and I concur. TopGear UK has taught me a great deal about these things, If for some reason you haven’t seen the comedic genius contained in that show, here’s a 6′ 5″ tall man (Jeremy Clarkson) driving one and explaining the car’s, er, merits. http://www.topgear.com/uk/videos/more-outtakes-from-series-15-bubble-wrap

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I had no idea BMW had their own version of a Smart Car, and, apparently, have had for a good long time. And now I kinda want one. Almost as much as a pet, as for a car. It’s AWFULLY CUTE.

  6. Sonya

    Oh my, the expressions on the faces of those children in picture 5, I laughed out loud in my office. They look sooooooo impressed and perhaps tired.

    That prince IS a fox. I do enjoy that he is scruffy too.

  7. CakesOnAPlane

    Thank you for using the phrase, “chockablock.” That is all. Well, not really, but others have already echoed my additional thoughts

  8. Kaylie

    Their “Getaway” car is a BMW Isetta. Fans of late 80s/early 90s TV may recognize it as Steve Urkel’s car on Family Matters :)

    My husband has one in our garage… it is, however, in pieces waiting to be put back together :)

  9. Leelaa

    She looks gorgeous, can’t wait for her gown on Saturday! By the way, the car is a BMW Isetta- also known as “Knutschkugel” in Germany (which would translate to “snogging ball”) because it’s so tiny!

  10. Maria L.

    Well, at least she can help him with his homework?

    She looks lovely.

  11. Keks
  12.  purejuice

    the grand duchess seems to have taken a page from the book of the parker bowles, who persists in wearing white TO OTHER PEOPLES’ WEDDINGS.

    • Miranda

      Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is in a silvery/champagne color, and the mother of the bride is in cream, so obviously that was what the couple wanted.

  13.  purejuice

    though most wisely not to the church part of her own wedding.

  14. tejasmom

    In Europe you have to have a civil wedding first, and since it’s at City Hall, they have them during the week. Then you have the church wedding, frequently on the weekend, if you want one. We saw a ton of people getting married in Bruges last summer. Some of them had horses waiting for them to ride off on, afterwards. All the families were hanging out in the town square waiting for their turns.

    • Kirst

      Only in certain countries in Europe. In some countries, such as the UK, churches are able to legally register marriages as well as perform religious ceremonies.

      •  María

        Yeah, in Spain you don’t need to go to the City Hall before, the church takes care of everything

  15.  Rebecca

    Thanks for including the link to pics of his parents’ wedding; they look so happy and in love!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      And gorgeous, both of them! We can really see where he got his good looks.

  16. Miranda

    Fabulous look on both of them. And the car is super adorable. A well turned-out event all around!

  17. Lisa

    They look fab, and his father looks tres chic. His mom looks a bit rumpled. Wish she had gone for some color to enhance her lovely face.

    • Lori

      Which is a darn shame, because did you click through to the link on mum’s wedding photos? Her fur-tipped dress, tiara’ed hairdo and pastel makeup are tremendous. Loved those old photos.

  18. Cat

    She’s gorgeous and I think her dress is absolutely perfect for a civil ceremony. (The Daily Mail was snitting that she “defied” tradition by wearing a short dress… dudes, it’s 2013 and it’s a courthouse. Take a chill pill.) Can’t wait to see what she wears for the church wedding! Love their little get-away car too.

  19. deee

    That bunch looks like they know how to knock back the cocktails.

    Looking forward to the tiara pics.

  20. Alley Oop

    I think the dad looks a bit like the Duke of Windsor.

    • Karen G

      Check out the mom & dad’s wedding pix, and the dad definitely looks like Chamberlain there.

  21. Vanessa Crandall Giasi

    Picture 5 is full of win. Kids being kids, the groom’s eyes are shut, super tan man father of the bride, so fab.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Also, I see Luxembourg has embraced the recent but entrenched American tradition of Chiclet teeth. Especially notable on Tan Man. I suppose he must spend a lot of time on the water… looks like a real tan.

  22. AM

    Very nice, and I’m feeling great love for the mother’s wedding dress. Fashionable, but timeless.

    • Kristabelle

      My wedding dress was very similar to Maria Teresa’s!!!! Fur on a ballet neckline and fur on the bottom. I had no idea a royal had done it before me!!!

  23. gryt

    The Isetta is only the CUTEST car ever made!!

  24. Cassie

    I work at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. AND NO ONE TOLD ME WE HAD A SOON TO BE PRINCESS AMONG US. I’m distraught. Also: I want a disney movie about THIS lady.

  25. Meghan

    Love, love, love the chic civil ceremony. I attended a wedding in Germany last weekend, and for the civil ceremony on Friday the bride wore an adorable sixties-vibe shift dress with funky shoes and a flower tiara. It was all very Paul and Linda at the Marylebone registry office. Then on Saturday they had a gorgeous formal church wedding followed by like a ten hour reception. It was awesome. I might still be hung over.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Sounds like a great time!

    • witjunkie

      I really like this idea…be all fancy and formal and traditional for the church wedding, but do whatever whackadoo or personal thing you want for the civil. Why didn’t I get married in Europe?!

  26. KO33

    Is anyone noticing how much the bride looks like the groom’s mom? Not currently, but in the older wedding photos. Check out the expression on GFY Slide 4 and then look at the first pic of the groom’s mom from the link to their wedding photos…

    • Laura

      I was thinking the groom’s mother (and his parents are one good-looking couple, btw!) looked quite a lot like Grace Kelly in the first photo of their wedding. Obviously there’s a certain type of look that lends well to your chances of marrying into European royalty!

    • googler

      Yes! That was my exact thought. Well, that’s proof that men tend to marry women like their mothers.

  27.  Annie

    I’m not crazy about the white dress. She is a gorgeous woman and can pull anything off but the little, not sleeves, and peplum just don’t work for me, very much something I’d see in the office.

  28. Sajorina

    LOVE this! They are so cute together! She’s GORGEOUS and admirable! I love her outfit: dress, shoes, earrings, bouquet! Hair & makeup are flawless! That’s the perfect civil ceremony/courthouse wedding! CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait for their church wedding!

  29. Eli

    Felix studies what his girlfriends study…heh…so he is a royal Brad Pitt?

  30. Mary Urech Stallings

    Peplum is no one’s friend.

  31. Mary Urech Stallings

    Groom Daddy looks a LOT like the Duke of Windsor. And those earring are great.

  32.  Aspasia

    Claire is lovely! And that suit she wore was perfect and looked fantastic on her. Oh and their smiles were just adorable. Made my feels all warm and fuzzy.

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