Well Played, Mariah Carey


Apparently Mariah hurt her shoulder sometime between the BET Awards and now, and has coped with this setback by turning it into an accessory. Like a boss.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1.  ErinG

    Its a shame too, Mariah’s elbows are usually so exquisitely showcased.

  2. MKKS

    THAT’S SO MARIAH. Which is by the way a show I would totally watch, whereby Mariah does stuff like sprain her shoulder & commission a bejeweled sling. That could take up an entire episode.

    • Jen S 2.0

      So much this.

      (And that is notwithstanding that I pride myself on not watching any “celebrity” reality “shows.” As I often snit, “You may indeed be able to [sing/dance/act/whatever], but the rest of your life is not interesting enough for me to watch you pretending to live it front of a conveniently placed camera, while ignoring my OWN life.”)

  3. Stefanie

    NAILED IT. Good job Mimi!

  4. julyol1972

    Heard she tripped in her heels and fell off a platform whilst shooting a music video. Big props for looking none the worse for wear!

    Maybe she could make bejeweled, fluffy, feathered coutoure-ish arm slings a thing after the music career ends..

    • Jodi

      She was actually fairly seriously hurt when she fell of a raised platform while shooting the video. She dislocated her arm and cracked a rib and chipped a shoulder bone (reportedly) and then was still able to pull it together for a Superstorm Sandy benefit concert. I think she deserves a lot of props for going ahead with the performance with style, because I can think of a number of “superstars” who would cancel because their flight was 15 minutes late and that threw off their karma.

  5.  Angela

    What is WRONG with her? Time to hang it up, girl. Done.

  6. hfree

    That white dress is really beautiful as well. Very flattering on her.

  7. tassie

    Is she protecting the Wizard?

  8. tassie

    Yet it’s so HER. So thumbs up!

  9. HKS

    The first two are a little crazy looking for me (the feathers and the fur), but that last look: if I ever need to wear a sling, I will make sure it is bedazzled to match my gorgeous jeweled dress. She looks fab.

  10. Erin

    What I’m wondering about is logistics. Having never been required to wear a sling, I’m thinking about the various costume changes and having to wrangle a fitted dress while coddling the shoulder. Kuddos to her for not canceling the performance.

  11. Goldfish

    Oh, yessss! This is not a font of awesome. It is a full-on infinity pool.
    And girlfriend is serving this up with no irony. 4.0

  12. Vandalfan

    Her face doesn’t look like her face, somehow.

  13. HelenBackAgain

    …and of course, a big Up Yours to the elbow lovers of the world, who left with nothing.

    Heh. My father used to tell a story about a long-gloves-wearing stripper and a drunk… oh, right, Mariah. Way to play hurt, girl!

    I don’t like her; I find her unthinking ego and self-absorption annoying, and I actively hate that she can never just sing, instead of using that beautiful natural instrument for an endless series of emotionally empty and technically overblown vocal tricks.

    But I admire her having done this. It makes me like her rather better.

  14. ronnie

    sooo Moronic… sooo Mariah!

  15. gryt

    LOVES EET!!!!