Well Played, Lea Michele


I know this is simple, but it’s great on her:

See, sometimes you can underline the statement without using your pelvis.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Monique

    I totally thought that was Pacey behind her holding her purse!!

    • mary lou bethune

      Me, too! and then I wondered who the lady was…

      I sometimes like the slovenly people behind the “stars” more than the “starts”. They are perhaps normal folk who look so confused, messy, chubby, holding phones for dear life and they look scared…
      what a world…

      • TaraMisu

        Me three!! LOL!

        My first reaction to this was “meh” but I thought about it overnight (not really, I was sleeping) and I decided that it’s great on her…. her make up is fab too.

  2. Becca Gross

    The shape is great, but it’s such a shame about the car wrinkles. Also, compared to the dude behind her, she’s a hair overdressed. LOVE the earrings.

    • Karen

      That was my immediate reaction–how do those two exist in the same spatial plane?

    • Gauthier

      I read your comment, and now I don’t understand how I didn’t see the 80′s sports car embedded in her crotch from the first glance. She looks great though. Everything works for me, love the colors.

    • Jum

      he is just her PR handler, they don’t need to dress up.

  3. Helen

    I don’t believe it, for once I think she’s wearing something that really does suit her. Great color, and those classic movie-star glamourpuss lines of the dress have been properly scaled to work on someone her size. Thumbs up! And I echo the love for the earrings.

    Little heavy on the makeup maybe, but with such a strong color in a dress, I get it, and it’s a very minor quibble. This is a great look.

  4. Candy

    I love the color & fabric but can’t hang with the 2 different sleeves. One or the other, but the same on both sides, would have worked for me.

    • Sandra

      Yes. Two different sleeves looks more like a design flaw than a feature. Especially when it looks like one of them is falling off. I’d definitely choose the left sleeve.

  5. carrie

    This seems like a LOT of dress. At the Oscars or Golden Globes I think it’d work, but it feels too much here.

  6. ok

    The make up was put on with a trowel.

  7. KateShouldbeWorking

    Unless you tell me this dress is ass-less, I’m not going to believe this is the real Lea Michele.

  8. Billie

    Did she finally get the memo that she doesn’t need to look desparate on the red carpet?

  9. Claire L1

    Isn’t it funny how you miss how amazing her body is when she’s wearing the ‘might as well be naked’ clothes….but totally notice it when she’s fully clothed? Lea Michelle…take note….. being BAZZZAM doesn’t mean we need worry about something falling out.

  10. Stubenville

    I think it’s a beautiful color and a dramatic dress. Unfortunately the dress, styling, hair and makeup all conspire to make her look a well preserved FORTY.

    • Jeanette

      I actually thought it was Eva Longoria at first glance. The dress is a marvelous color, but Lea could do with about 50% less slap on her face….She is so attractive but she tries too hard.

      • Trace

        I absolutely thought this was Eva Longoria too! I think its the hair and the pose.

    • Kit

      my FIRST thought – “she looks so OLD”!

    • Fiona

      I so agree – I think she looks literally twice her age!

  11. Amanda

    I love the dress, but her hair is pulled back so tightly that it looks like it’s stretching her face! A soft up-do would’ve looked great. Also, that make up! It’s making her look 10 years older, at least.

    • anne p.

      Pree-cisely! And yeah, “10 years older, AT LEAST.” I mean, nothing wrong with looking 40, esp. if you’re on my side of it, but why hustle it up when you’re on Lea’s side of it?

  12. Melissa

    at first glance I couldn’t even tell this was Lea, the makeup aged her tremendously

    • Jen

      Agreed. The dress is pretty, but when I saw this photo on another site I just thought “blech” because of the makeup and didn’t even notice the dress.

  13. Erika

    The material looks way too much like denim for my taste! The shape is pretty though, and it’s nice to see her in something that highlights instead of reveals.

  14. Guerra


  15. theotherjennifer

    Love the color, love the earrings… love that her bits are under wraps… slightly Kardooshianish makeup for my taste with that tight ponytail and heavy eyeliner and trout pout…

  16. kiki

    I just can’t get past the painted-on cheekbones. The makeup, and giant earrings combined with the cut & fabric of this dress…the whole thing just makes me think of Dynasty. Maybe that’s why Heather likes it??

    Also I wish the guy holding her purse would be my friend. I wouldn’t even make him hold anything. Except….maybe, someday…my heart.

  17. BrownEyedBetty

    I guess I agree but the beautiful diagonal seaming around and below her waist is being crushed, literally, by the “car wrinkles”. Her poses crack me up…and she loves to strike this one over and over again: one arm straight and pushed forward with the other one on her hip and slightly behind her.

  18. vandalfan

    Gorgeous from the neck down, but the makeup and hair need a re-think.

  19. Lorien Liang

    Loved her in this number, it’s so classy but sexy at the same time without making her stand out like a sore thumb. The way it hugs her curves while covering all her assets really makes her stand out. It’s a very halle berry-esque. love it!

  20. VanDee

    Her makeup is terrible. Not only is it too thick but that blush is too, too much. I thought that just contouring the whole side of your face with blush was a huge no no these days? It should be anyhoo!

  21. Rebecca

    This dress IS nice…is it just me or does she look strangely older? Like 40….

  22. Glee

    Haters are gonna hate. If you look at the full picture, the dress is def. not denim; her make-up looks pretty soft, and the blush looks like a bit too much – because she has really high cheekbones. She does look more mature, but nowhere close to 40. If she is beginning to resemble anyone, it’s Idina.

    Shame that the dress wrinkled… Lea needs to ask SWINTON about her intergalactic wrinkle-less arrivals.

  23. Letij

    This could have been great. I love the dress–the cut and color are extremely flattering. BUT, this is look is definitely aging her. Both the hair and makeup are harsh, and I can’t tell if the dress is also aging her. She certainly looks closer to 40 than 20. Specifically, she looks like Idina Menzell (who plays her mother!).

  24. maryse

    although i too think this look is a little old for her, i do think she look fantastic. and those of you saying she’s got too much make-up on, i say bah! to you.

  25. Steph

    She should wear this color always. She looks amazing. Great eye makeup.

  26. Sarah

    I dislike the hair and earrings with the dress.

  27. Franziska

    Yes, the dress is nice… but on a 25 year old? She could easily pass as one of those bored housewifes in Beverly Hills.

  28. Lily1214

    I like it; she looks terrific.