Well Played, Hailee Steinfeld in A.L.C.


Okay, PLEASE don’t get mad at me about this, but am I crazy if I think that Hailee Steinfeld looks sort of like she could be a Jenner, of the Kardashian-Jenners? (I feel like she looks much more like Kendall and Kylie than Kim or Kourtney or Khloe or Kanvas [Kanvas is one sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs].) This is not an INSULT — whatever else is wrong with them, those girls are very pretty — but merely an OBSERVATION that facially, I could buy if it turned out that Hailee Steinfeld was the baby that Bruce Jenner, in a burst of wisdom and bravery, spirited out of their home and away from Kris in the dead of night, leaving her to be raised with a kind, wholesome family on a farm in Wyoming:

Hailee Steinfeld (1)

And then of course she has to move back in with them because of REASONS — a volcano erupts in Wyoming, killing everyone but her — and she’s so charming and preppy and sweet (which is exactly how she looks in this dress) and she has to learn to make her way in a family where Kanye spends every Christmas rapping angrily about how he can never tell if the turkey is done and Kim keeps trying to sell her energy drinks.  I JUST realized that I basically just described a warped version of Spoiled — although in our actual book, the family the protagonist moves into is secretly much nicer, I think, than Kardashians; there are, at least, far fewer siblings involved, and also no volcano  — but the point remains. Also, this dress is cute. Don’t hate me.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. ChiTownSteph

    I see what you mean. I think it’s around the eyes…and the fact that her mouth is open in this picture, haha.

  2. JB

    As I was reading that all I could think was I WOULD so watch that movie/read that book.

    Which I guess means I should read Spoiled, again. OR that you should re-write it with a family more like the Kardashians. THAT would be awesome too…

  3.  Shannon

    She has great eyebrows, no?

    And that dress is perfect for a cocktail by the harbor or bocce on the lawn.

  4. Looly

    But if this were true, would she change her name to Kailee? She does look Kardassian adjacent, except for around her nose.

    Cute dress, I’d wear it.

    • Paige

      Completely agree! There is definitley a Kardashian/Jenner quality there except for her nose. Like maybe she’s a long lost cousin or something.

  5.  Carolina Girl

    I could totally buy her being a lost Kardashian if that theory were posited in a fantasy novel. But the fact that Hailee Steinfeld is genuinely talented and the entire Kardashian Klan seems to be completely devoid of talent (that is if you disqualify their talent for making a spectacle of themselves) kind of kills it for me.

  6. Stefanie

    I don’t have a farm in Wyoming but I do have a few acres with a garden (thats mostly full of weeds) so Hailee is totally living with me if that situation every happens. Too bad I die in the end. :( I’d totally die in the dress though. Cute!

  7. Kris

    If she were a lost Kardashian spirited away to Wyoming, it would be to a Ranch, rather than a farm. There IS a huge volcano in Wyoming, although it’s underground caldera. Tweak the details, and I think you have a book here.

    • coco

      This story is completely plausible, Yellowstone is a continental caldera (i.e., supervolcano).

      • coco

        Wait, I should have said that this story is plausible if it takes place ~70,000 years in the future.

    • Sandra

      If the Yellowstone Caldera blows, neither she nor anybody else is moving anywhere. It’d wipe out most of the western US and have devastating effects on the climate for the rest of the world. Which would still be better than living with the KardashiMonsterMom, if you ask me.

      Dress is totally cute; blue and white stripes, in any variation, are always a hit with me.

      • Looly

        Yes, the Weather Channel did a show on this. If that sucker blows, we are all doomed. I live in Colorado and would be dead pretty soon after the explosion.

    • Fern

      I’m more than a little suspicious that “Kris” knows all the details…. I think you ladies might have stumbled onto something!

  8.  K

    LOL @ Kanvas. Funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

  9. Lori

    I can see it a little bit. Of course, I think she looks like a cousin of mine, so that’s all I see most of the time.

    She looks adorable in this dress. I hope she continues to be well-balanced and normal.

  10. Niki

    Definitely a Jenner-Kardashian. I think Brody is straight up beautiful.

    • Looly

      Brody is very good looking, but not a Kardassian. His mother is Linda Thompson.

      • Niki

        Oh, I know. I’m just saying that in my opinion, the beauty of the Jenner-Kardashain girls comes from the Jenner side. The Brody side. (Although it may come from the Kardashian side too. Who knows since those ladies have all plastic surgeried themselves like whoa.)

  11. fritanga

    Comparing poor Hailee to a Kardashian/Jenner is definitely damning her with faint praise. Ugh. She’s much prettier than any of them, her eyes are brimming with intelligence and presence, and she’s a very talented actress, which means she’s nothing like them. Please let her stand on her own without awful comparisons to those…non-entities.

    That said, this isn’t the dress for her. The horizontal stripes do her no favors. It looks like an elongated knit top from the LL Bean catalogue.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Yes, girls, horizontal stripes DO make you look heavier, even if you’re as slight as Hailee, and don’t let the fashion publicists tell you otherwise!

      Don’t be misled by fads and trends, wear what actually looks good!

  12. Chicklet

    My only problem is that this dress is just tennis-adjacent enough for me to want a sportier shoe with it. Which probably is not appropriate to the event, so.

  13. J

    I always thought if you gave her red hair she would be a doppelganger for Megan Follows in the Anne of Green Gables years.

  14. LavonsPants

    Having just finished “Spoiled, “* I absolutely was thinking as I read that blurb that it sounded suspiciously familiar…. In a good way, though, bc “Spoiled” was awesome!! Brava!

    *(I just totally typed that as “Soiled,” btw, which could be the sequel in which Molly tries to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a wardrobe designer, but all of the clothes she makes end up mysteriously stained by…. Brooke? Shelby? Danny?? Arugula??? MYSTERY!! You’re welcome),

    • Jessica

      Heh, well, the sequel IS called MESSY, so you ARE close. And thank you!

      (Yeah, I realized as I was typing, “wait….we totally already wrote this book.”)

      •  understateddiva

        I loved Brick, he was definitely my favorite character, but now I suddenly want a behind-the-scenes rapper dad based on GFY Kanye.

  15. Shannon

    She does look like a Kardashian, but she’s way too talented to actualy BE a Kardashian.

  16.  HelenBackAgain

    This is an absolutely delightful outfit and Hailee looks terrific in it. Love! I was on the fence about these shoes with this dress at first, but came down on the side of liking how they dress it up a little. Viewing them closer up made a difference in that. Anyway, she is a charming young lady and very well dressed here!

    Also, I think the apparent resemblance to the Kardashian/Jenner clan is not so much in her features, as it is in her makeup artist’s and hairstylist’s choices.

    • Joanie

      That dress is so cute on her and is just so sporty and fresh and delightful, as is Hailee.

      I CANNOT compare her to a Kardash because she is precious, whereas they are NOT.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        She is, isn’t she? There’s something very dear about her.

  17. Audrey

    I think you meant the Kupboard under the stairs.