Well Played, Elizabeth Hurley


When I saw this photo in thumbnail, I thought this was Kate Middleton (who wore a very appropriate Jenny Packham) and I was like, “HOT DAMN, she is defying the wishes of the Queen. SHIT IS GOING DOWN OVER AT THE PALACE.” I mean, can you imagine?

But Hurley looks pretty good, I have to say. I do think SHE thought, “I’m going to an event with Kate Middleton, and I’m totally going to do my hair as a salute to her, and also my eyeliner. But I don’t want to look Duchess-appropriate. I want to look Liz-Hurley-Appropriate. I’m sure I have something slinky balled up in the back of the closet.”

[Photo: Fame-Flynet]

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  1. Alicia

    “Well played Elizabeth Hurley” is not a phrase you hear every day. How unexpected.

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    I don’t like it. Dull, unflattering color. Shapeless, that seam down the middle looks cheap… it’s like a poorly made, shiny grocery bag. That’s been used a couple of times already.

  3. Lindy

    Dress is good but those shoes aren’t doing her legs any favors. That top strap kind of stumpyfies them. But I bet no one she meets in person would notice.

  4. Sophy

    She looks amazing !!!

  5. Isabel

    It looks rumpled. And unfortunately because of this it looks like she’s, well, got some extra anatomy going on.

  6. Kate

    Can you imagine if Kate decided to go as Liz Hurley and showed up in that Versace safety pin dress?

  7.  KarenG958

    LIPSTICK!! LIPSTICK LIPSTICK LIPSTICK!!!! Sorry about that, don’t know what got into me.

  8. Nan

    It is very demure for Liz Hurley.

  9. Kristabelle

    That is an (h)omage if ever I saw one… right down to the black eyeliner!!!!

  10. SugarMagnolia

    The dress is a nice concept, and obviously she looks gorgeous overall, but the fabric is doing a weird wrinkle thing that ruins it all for me.

  11. Lizzy

    God, she is still so hot!

    And young starlets, please take note: she didn’t even have to wear a sheer dress or get all boobs/legsly.

    • Sandra

      Oh, she did when she was herself a young starlet. Just google Liz Hurley Safety Pin Dress for the evidence.

      • maryse

        the safety pin dress is demure compared to what we’ve been seeing lately.

  12.  Guerra

    She’s ageing extremely well!! Gorgeous face not so fab dress.

  13. maryse

    i think she looks great.

  14. Sandra

    She herself looks great. The dress looks like a bedsheet from the Playboy Mansion.

  15.  Ms Poopy Von Pants

    I once read an interview with Elizabeth Hurley where she was basically calling Marilyn Monroe fat and gross and I was so turned off by her forever. I don’t remember the details but it was so hateful towards women, so she will never ever be well-played to me.

    • Claire1

      I’ve read similar interviews.
      No, I’m not a fan of hers either, based off what she spews.
      However, I had to admit that I absolutely love Bedazzled.

  16. AnnieC

    Someone please explain the heavy eyeliner around the entire eye. To me it just makes the eyes look smaller and it’s always aging.

  17. filmcricket

    She and Kate Beckinsale are morphing into the same person.

  18.  janiekettles

    Well, it looks as if this was GENUINELY balled up in a corner of a closet. It’s fine (though very beige), down to the ribs, then it all goes horribly ‘wot, no steam available?’ Not that it matters, but I find her…..too…..’still here’ for my liking……

  19. greatwhitenorthchick

    The colour and bodice are great on her, but, as others have noted, that bulbous, wrinkly middle part makes the dress look cheap. Not crazy about the frou-frou stole, either. But she does look pretty fab.

  20. Katy

    She looks cheap and trying to hard to be the smoldering sexpot. She needs to class it up a bit at her age. The dress does look cheap and her hair and makeup make it worse.

  21.  PinzNneedlz

    Right now she’s thinking, “Bill Clinton??? As if….”

  22. Reina

    Im sorry? How? How do you give this is a WP!?!)1+++??? It’s earthy, dirty, eww so 2004. Like something that Tara (in Buffy the vampire slayer) would wear to a party at the Bronze or something.

  23. Lily1214

    Looks wonderful. It is not “dirty” or “earthy”

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