The Fugmb

I don’t know what to say. SUPERMOON has taken my words this week, and also my WORDS.

All I can think of is to vomit up “silk business jazzercise starring the women of Empty Nest,” which is not a phrase I ever expected nor wanted to type in my life. DAMN YOU SUPERMOON.

Miley has a message for SUPERMOON too:

Unless she’s just a REALLY big fan of Fairfield University’s intramural sports.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. SKS

    This screams “high fashion Chun-Li” to me, especially the way the skirt is cut. If the slit is on both sides, then I guess it’s time for some lightning kicks and thunder thighs. (for reference)

    • Kristan

      I had the same thought!

      • Leah

        I’m getting high fashion sexy Temple Grandin.

        • Sandra

          High fashion + sexy =/= Temple Grandin.

          Nothing about this says “world renowned animal behavior researcher, livestock handling systems designer, and autism spokeswoman” to me.

  2. Tiffany

    I would love the first outfit if it had different sleeves and the embrodery stuff was removed. I think this outfit compliments her figure WAY more than when she is near naked. For example, I think her waist looks much smaller here than when she is running around in a sports bra. Sometimes wearing clothes actually showcases a figure better than wearing nothing because it adds focus.

  3. Orange Clouds

    The first outfit could look great if it wasn’t for the ridiculous Karate Kid inspired top.

  4. joemama

    Empty Nest! That is all.

  5.  HelenBackAgain

    Still somewhat weird, but – need it even be said? – both outfits are HUGE improvements over angora panties.

  6. Katty McNiley Ripley

    This Fall in Lifetime, Miley Cyrus stars in “Spring Rolls: Chinese Hostess by day; Exotic Dancer by Night” !

    Ps. Miley we already have one Robyn and that’s enought!

  7.  ErinB

    When I first saw this pic on a different website this morning, I loved it. Then again, I also thought it was a belt and not her midriff… time to find an optometrist, ASAP.

  8. Sajorina

    I think Miley and Bieber are slowly morphing into each other!

  9. PB

    Wow! That’s triple digit heinous.

  10. Maria L.

    Sgt. Pepper meets Flower Drum Song with a stop at Payless for some really tacky white pumps.

  11.  maryloubethune

    Ugly , cheap, and ornery- and it all looks like it comes from Dollar General store.
    And yet she seems to proud of herself!

  12. Chloe

    FU could be Furman University, my future home… I’m wearing a similar logo sweatshirt right now! But then again, I doubt Miley wants to represent to any places of higher learning… the same way universities probably don’t want her representing them!

  13. MKKS

    FAIRFIELD!!!!!!!!! GO STAGS!

  14. Mara

    I dunno. It’s more Moon Moon than Supermoon to me.

  15. ericajeanine

    Ok, I obviously have really bad taste because it seems lately that outfits that are pretty much universally hated here, I actually like, including this one. Funny story, I work overnight shift. I actually saw a picture of this outfit on Instagram this morning before I went to. I then dreamed that I was gifted this jacket and I was very happy about it.

    • ericajeanine

      Just to clarify, the dream jacket was the one in the first outfit, not the letterman style jacket.

  16. marykate

    Looks like she is recycling one of Billy Ray’s old Achy Breaky outfits.

  17.  amys

    She really resembles her mom in the first photo, wow. I think she’d look great with a buzz cut. Not sure who the heck is dressing her these days: words, words, words for sure.

    • Vi

      I doubt any stylist worth their salt would take credit for Miley’s recent fugged-up wardrobe. And, that this blue satin nightmare, that looks like someone bled all over, is the least heinous one in a while, just about says it all.

  18. TonyG

    It’s rodeo chic, but for some reason I do not object. I think it’s because I really love the cut of everything. It really is a great fit too.

  19. Lily1214

    I wish she could stop trying so hard.

  20. Alison

    I can’t help myself – Miley 2.0 is really growing on me….I love her new hair, and that she’s taking some risks, even when they don’t work out (jean/sweats monstrocity I’m talking about you), but in this case I think the 1st outfit does really work. It’s young and a bit sassy and a bit unusual too. And it’s not a bloody bandage dress like every other starlet wears…thank goodness.

  21.  nichole

    woohoo – Go Stags!, love the Fairfield shout out. I <3 my alma mater

  22. Kate

    OMG, she’s joined the Cobra Kai.