The Bling Fug

Maika Monroe here is in The Bling Ring, the Sofia Coppola movie about the girls who robbed the houses of a variety of starlets, which I’m very much looking forward to:

Especially if she keeps wearing dresses which, at first glance, are easily mistaken for the world’s most HORRIFYING PANTSUIT. I am pretty sure my brain almost exploded, you guys.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (79):

  1. goldfish

    Will she be robbing these houses on horseback?

    • amys

      Well, I reckon she just has a case of the ruffly bowlegs.

      •  fiatluxury

        I already plus-oned this comment, but I have to say every time I read it I giggle like a fool. Ruffly bowlegs FTW!

    • Tiffany

      That is the first thing that I noticed! It makes her legs looks so bowed. Part of me is kind of impressed that the creator could make the human body look so altered just with fabric. Her legs look like a tunnel!

  2. mwk

    Are… are they stuck to the shoes?

  3. Kristina

    I seriously thought from the thumbnail that it was a picture of someone with Toulouse-Lautrec syndrome wearing ruffled chaps.

  4. Willow

    Marchesa strikes again!

    • Cucina49

      Is that who “designed” that? That was my first question.

    • Emma

      Oh..I was going to say it looked like someone had made a Marchesa knock-off… embarrassing if it actually is then.

  5. michelle

    Perhaps the back hem ripped off and she’s making the best of it by pretending its supposed to be that way. Like my cat when he’s sleeping and rolls off the couch- “yes I meant to do that, surely you can’t think, I, a sleek and well balanced king of the jungle, would possibly fall off. You are mad- now stop laughing or I will sit on your face while you sleep tonight!” I’ve been working too hard- can you tell?

  6. val.

    I thought they were frilly chaps!

    • Gigi

      Same here. Glittery, formal chaps. Scary!

    • Googler

      If they were, that would have been badass.

      • goldfish

        We couldn’t stave off formal shorts. Formal chaps are surely the next heinous step. But I admit, glittery does take some of the sting out of it.

  7. Lizzy

    The dress would be lovely if it ended at that highest point and had an even hemline).

    • Kris

      That’s what I was thinking. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen scrolldown fug this serious.

    • Tiffany

      I agree, I think the top is really extremely beautiful. It is like when Bob Ross used to have a beautiful painting of a lake and mountain…only to add giant tree right in the middle at the last moment. Quit while you are ahead (or while your dress is still beautiful!).

    • Pouncer

      Yes! And if the lining extended to the bottom of the hypothetical dress, a few inches above her knees. Everything from the tip of her right fingers up is lovely.

  8. Rayna

    OMGWTFUGBBQ ruffled chaps???

    You had me until the knees. It’s actually pretty minus the, uh, you know.

  9. goldfish

    If it WERE a jumpsuit, it that would be a Bieber diaper pants cut. Just sayin.

  10. Amy

    SCROLLDOWN FUG. I thought it was beautiful until the hips. Kept scrolling / STARTED SCREAMING


  11. Mimi

    She looks like she has ricketts!

  12. sue

    Dear lordy, someone needs to teach her how to pose for photos. And choose better dresses, but that goes without saying.

  13. McLisa

    It’s like something blazed a trail between her legs.

  14. tigers4us

    Starts out pretty, descends into awfulness.

  15. Sandra

    Has anybody reported this to the CDC? I’m afraid it might infectious AND communicable.

  16. Suzanne

    I like the dubious look on the face of the woman behind her.

  17. Theresa Robinson

    I’d like to see it moving. It’s POSSIBLY much better in motion?

  18. Meredith

    She has Gumby legs!

  19. qwertygirl

    This scared the hell out of me. It looks like she has no legs, just ruffles. She appears to be a disembodied torso floating above a ruffled arch that happens to be the same pattern as her dress.

    • NumberSix

      That’s exactly what I thought! I was looking at her face, thinking the fabric was pretty, and wondering where the hell her legs were. Now I’m entertaining myself with the thought that she stood that exact way all night just to keep up the illusion.

    • Nina

      Seriously, I gasped when I saw the photo. I really thought her legs were missing. If they just took the top half and added an actual skirt then it would work.

  20. Franziska

    I actually thought she had no legs.

  21. Rowynn

    Every fiber of my being wants to grab some scissors and cut those things off!

  22. kitten mittens

    Is there an official name for this kind of hemline? I’ve seen this short front and back long points on the sides before and it may be my all time least favorite cut.

    • Art Eclectic

      I think we shall name it ourselves after the similar mustache: Fu Manchu Hemline

  23. Talley Lach

    Hey! I sent you this picture! (I’m sure there were many others and you’d probably already seen it in your feed, but I’m going with it was all me!).

  24. Lils

    Totally thought centaur when I saw this… although, can centaurs only be men? Oh marchesa…

  25. Alison

    This is a scroll-down fuggier!

  26. Caitlin

    I don’t know if this is already common knowledge, but The Bling Ring was made into a Lifetime movie a couple years ago. It stars Austin Butler (Sebastian Kydd, Mr. Vanessa Hudgens, who I just realized are the same person), and…Jennifer Grey? It sounds like a prime Fug the Fromage!

  27. Reporter Laydee

    It looks like she has a bad case of fancy rickets

  28. Crystal

    She looks like she’s dressing up in a sea slug costume. A very pretty sea slug, but still a sea slug.

    • holly

      Sea slug or jellyfish costume. That is the only rational explanation for this.

  29. Melanie

    I thought her legs had been photoshopped out. It looked like she was just floating.

  30. Margot Liggett Nack

    Those ruffles make her legs look like Shotgun Sam!

  31. katkin74

    This was cute, until i scrolled down. i can’t help but think of a bow-legged cowbody whose chaps are made out of some kind of amoeba. Yosemite Sam meets a matadorian jellyfish.

    • Val

      I logged in to see if I was the only one that experienced that delusion . . . , thank God it was’t just me…

  32. Helen

    I should hate this, but all I can do is LAUGH.

    She’s got me kinda hoping she keeps it up! What could be next?!?

  33. Vandalfan

    She’s an old cowhand, on the Rio Grande…

  34. Elizabeth

    YES. THIS is why I love GFY so much, because cracked out dresses like this exist. I agree with Helen – all I can do is laugh. It is a delight in its WTFery, and I can’t wait to see more! Fug Madness 2014?

  35. jellybean

    i honestly thought this was a sheer & frilly Bieber-pants jumpsuit. i am relieved (?) to see it is only a sheer & frilly dress. huh, how ’bout that.

  36. Lily1214

    This is positively the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!

  37. deee
  38. jenny

    That jellyfish mermaid stung my eyes pretty badly. Next time I’d like a warning.

  39. Erin

    Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion dress?

  40. BrownEyedBetty

    No kidding, this has got to be one of the fugliest dresses ever fugged. And the comments are some of the funniest ever. I love this place. I love FUG Nation. <3

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Agreed, fugliest in the history of the universe and the funniest. How did she even think about wearing it?

  41. dee cee

    Formal ruffle chaps?

  42. Crisistina

    Holy cow… note to self: never read the fug girls while in important meeting with customer. This made me LOL and i felt like dying… like, i was going to EXPLODE with the giggles… bad Crisistina, bad…

  43. Izalika

    I really, really, REALLY need for this ridiculous jumpsuit to happen, looking exactly as we all imagine it.

    Just because, really.

  44. Nancy

    I first just thought she was sadly very very bow-legged. Then that she was wearing chaps. Then I realized that these are individual leg-mullets. Very unfortunate.

  45. Kate

    Wow. At first glance, this was very disconcerting. It was like some Vegas trick: where are her legs?? Then I looked again and it was just Fug.

  46. Sajorina

    HATE IT!

  47. julie

    It looks like the bottom of the dress decided to become a floral fu man chu mustache.

  48. KT

    Emphasizing the openness of her legs?

  49. Caroline Cuneo Killeen

    Holy bow legs Batman!

  50. twidget

    I thought rickets were a thing of the past. Quick – somebody get this girl some limes for crying out loud!!

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