Fug File: Casual Fuggerday

Casual Fuggerday: Fugs and Fabs of Reese Witherspoon

I decided that the person Reese is always speaking to on her cell phone is actually Taylor Swift. They’re coordinating whose turn it is to go outside in cute shoes, when.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Katherine Heigl

She’s hitting the beat to promote State of Affairs, a show that seems like Homeland divided by Madam Secretary, which is not an equation I particularly want to see solved. But we’ll see. I’ll gladly watch three episodes in exchange for not seeing those pants again.

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Jennifer Lopez

“HOLA LOVERS. It is future New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Lopez. Somebody typed and typed until my  hands hurt so that I could bring you the next greatest thing to happen to you: True Love, or the Spanish translation, Amor Verdarero. And soon to be Wahre Lieve and 真実の恋 and in click language, Click Click Clicky Click. Because my love is global, lovers. The Lopez is the world. The Lopez is the children. The Lopez is the one who makes a brighter day, so let’s start giving. Your money. To me. Through bookstores. For we are LOVERS!”

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Casual Fuggerday: Jennifer Lopez at American Idol Auditions

“HOLA LOVERS. Did you miss me? So did my palazzo pants, until I dug them out of the basement at my old house with Marc, from a box right behind his Wednesday coffin and the IV drip stand.”

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Casual Fuggerday: Kate Walsh In A Denim Diaper Basically

I’ve said it before, and will repeat it until I am as frayed as the fabric grazing her nethers:

kate walsh

You’re ON Bad Judge. You don’t have to BE one as well.

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Well Played, Carrie Underwood in Temperley London

Uh oh, Blake and Kate.

Carrie Underwood

Someone wants in on the Posh Pregnancy Stakes. She’s fighting Blake on the hair front, nosing in on one of Duchess Catherine’s favorite designers, and bringing out enviable shoes to wrap up her first entry. Fraulein Maria came to play, y’all. Strap in and enjoy the battle.

[Photo: AKM-GSI]