Fug File: Casual Fuggerday

Casual Fuggerday: The Recent Fugs and Fabs of Emmy Rossum

Let’s add a new actress to the list of People Photographed Whilst Walking Around Holding Cute Bags, shall we?

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Whatever Fuggerday: Cara Delevingne

Here’s the thing: I am SURE it sucks when photographers hang out near your house. So, sure, fine, tempers flare.

But YOU ARE WEARING A PIZZA ONESIE. (And not even a pizza onesie we haven’t seen before.) I have a REALLY REALLY hard time believing you don’t want to be noticed WHEN YOU ARE WEARING A PIZZA ONESIE. I mean, feel how you feel, whatever. Maybe SHE IS WEARING A PIZZA ONESIE so that her middle-finger would be impossible NOT to notice, but frankly, they’d have caught it anyway, so… I keep coming back around to, how mad can you really be at people taking your photo if YOU ARE WEARING A PIZZA ONESIE that is specifically designed to make you obvious. Not wanting to be noticed is not the same thing as wanting to be noticed not wanting to be noticed. IN YOUR PIZZA ONESIE. At least delivery is free?

[Photo: AKM-GSI]


Casual Fuggerday: Ali Larter

We’re seeing a LOT of this Christian Siriano line on people lately:

I suggested putting this on a Fanning for a photocall, but that’s pretty close to Ali Larter on GMA, right? They’re both blonde and…cameras are involved. Regardless, it’s nice to see that it’s as cute in the wild as it was in an controlled environment.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Casual Fuggerday: Chloe Grace Moretz

The other day, there was a general interest in more of Chloe Grace Moretz’s brother, Trevor, who I like to call Trevor Grace Moretz.

Mission accomplished. He even has a kicky man bag. Thank you, Trevor Grace Moretz, for having accessories that made this even a sliver less frivolous.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Casual Fuggerday: Amber Rose

Oh, Pharrell’s Hat.

Amber Rose Pharrell Hat

LOOK WHAT YOU HATH WROUGHT. I hope you’re happy.


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Taylor Swift

In a time when no celebs are going to any events — why would you, when you have vacations to go on, or juice cleanses to do in preparation for the Emmys at the end of the month? — Taylor Swift’s rigorous Walking Around Schedule is actually a blessing. Keep on hitting the gym, T Swift. You are doing me a personal favor by taking all your Cute Casual Gear out for an airing.

[Photos: Splash, AKM/GSI]