Fug File: Casual Fuggerday

Casual Fuggerday: Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies

On the off chance that you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder if Two of the Three Hot Dudes of The Originals ALSO look hotter in sunglasses,” I can help you:

Totally yes. (Also, I’m sure Charles Michael Davis is also hotter in sunglasses, he just didn’t happen to be strolling down the street in them this weekend. Oh, CW. Say what you will about some of their programming, but their skill in casting hot dudes is unparalleled. There’s a reason a friend of mine uses the qualifier “CW Hot” for people, as in, “[Ex-Boyfriend] was ABC Family Cute, but [Current Fling] is CW Hot.” It means something.)

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Hemsworthly Played: Chris Hemsworth

It’s Saturday. Sometimes you just want to see a picture of Hemsworth The Greater in a vest:

Sometimes, you think, “I wonder if some enterprising photographer took a picture of Chris Hemsworth’s butt in those pants.” SOMETIMES YOUR WISHES ARE GRANTED. BEHOLD:

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Casual Fuggerday: Chloe Sevigny

She’s walking around, it’s summer, we’re all casual here — whatever.

But a dear friend once brought back Hawaiian ensembles for the beans after her vacation, and one of them was, I think, EXACTLY this. So I can’t take her seriously if she’s dressing like two four-year olds who liked to put this on and then pretend to play Queen on a ukulele. Or perhaps I can’t take her seriously UNLESS she is pretending to play Queen on a ukulele.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Casual Fuggerday: Selena Gomez

I seriously think Selena is wearing something from Vanessa Hudgens’s new line of resort wear:

I mean, right? (I also secretly think it’s kind of cute. I mean, it’s crazy. But it’s also cute. Don’t tell anyone I said that. Well, you can tell V. Hudge. I miss her.)

And then of course it all went wrong:

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Casual Fuggerday: Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger

For those of you who (a) need a constant stream of Pacey, or (b) like stripe-y summer dresses, or (c) BOTH, I am HERE FOR YOU:

Those white shoes are a bold move, Diane. I am picking up what you’re putting down, but I might just be setting it aside to think about it later.

And for those of you who are thinking, “Pacey-Schmacy, I need a better look at her dress,” I’m here for you, TOO. It’s full-service here at GFY today:

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Casual Fuggerday: Reese Witherspoon

Our friends Tom and Lorenzo once pointed out that Reese Witherspoon is OFTEN snapped walking through parking lots, gleefully sporting a new purse, and it’s true. Let’s sidebar and look at her casual wear, shall we?

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]