Fug File: Casual Fuggerday

Casual Fuggerday: Recent Fugs and Fabs, Dianna Agron

Turns out she loves a pattern. Get ready for some cute Walking Around Outfits.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Casual Fuggerday: Confusingly Played, Blake Lively

Well, I don’t know what the hell climate it was in New York yesterday.

Blake Lively

But I do know this: You can take the girl out of Serena van der Woodsen, but you can’t take Serena van der Woodsen out of the girl.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Casual Fuggerday: Reese Witherspoon

There was a moment where I thought she was talking on a pink flip phone and now I’m SO SAD she isn’t. It would be such an Elle Woods throwback delight. Let’s discuss.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, AKM/GSI]


Casual Fuggerday: Paris and Nicky Hilton

This is like a visitation from 2006:

Paris and Nicky Hilton shine at Mercedes-Benz’s PFW Party **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**

But there’s something undeniably hilarious about the fact that Nicky is holding a copy of her book, and Paris is just holding up….her name on a purse. That actually seems just about right.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Casual WTFday: Jennifer Hudson

I love it when the expression on the faces of the civilians in a candid photo matches my own:

Ravishing Jennifer Hudson is red hot in her daisy dukes

In this case, both Rolling Stones Sweatshirt and I are thinking, “did she SERIOUSLY wear that on Watch What Happens Live? Because it looks more like a costume for an updated reboot of Chicago and — oh, hey, now that I think about it, that might totally be good. Okay, everyone carry on.”

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Casual Fuggerday: Well Played, Rosamund Pike

Pretty exited to see Gone Girl. Has there ever been better casting than Ben Affleck in that part? I mean, at least theoretically? Also, allegedly Rosamund Pike is a revelation. I certainly do think she’s looked great lately, which is ALSO kind of revelatory.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]