Well, of course. This makes perfect sense.


She’s mourning David Bowie by channeling Flock of Seagulls. Why didn’t I think of it first?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. filmcricket

    My brain went to the “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” place, but Flock of Seagulls works too.

    • Gypsy Danger

      Yes. First comment. We are in sync.

    • fritanga

      YES. My first thought, “Not Bowie, Gary Oldman (or the late, lamented Leslie Nielsen) in that platinum Dracula fright wig.”

      The shoes, however, are totally SWINTON.

  2. WendyD

    My Friday is complete.

  3. Laurie

    That jacket seems Yeezy-ish. Though I cannot imagine Tilda and Kanye in the same room.

  4. Ailatan

    She delights me.

  5. Little Bow Wow


    That hair.

  6. Art Eclectic

    As much as I love SWINTON, I cannot support those shoes.

    • Me, Myself & Irene

      See, and I kind of like them. Not as boring as a plain ol’ wedge but yet something that in theory I could walk down the street in while looking more cutting edge AND not falling and breaking an ankle.

      (N.B. I will fall over a painted line in my bare feet, so what do I know?)

    • Lily1214

      I’ve seen her look better than this. This seems caricature.

  7. Stefanie

    Is it wrong that I want Kate to swap her Corkswoons for those wedges?

  8. clinda

    She’s never been more Swinton-esque.

  9. rachelee

    She wears everything LIKE A BOSS.

  10.  attica

    I’d recommend a bit of mascara and a bold lip, but it seems churlish to quibble.

  11. Claire's mom

    She is on an alien plain – we are just lucky we can see her in this light wavelength.

    • oui

      I always thought that she’s like this Real Alien who gets invited to do stuff on Planet Earth, and this is basically Earth-passing Alpha Centauri Pret-a-Porter.

      “do you think it’ll blend in this time?”

      “well… it’s the closest we have at the moment”

      “okay fair enough”

  12. Ann

    I am a Swintonian but I absolutely hate this. I feel the child whose jacket she stole is just out of frame crying hysterically.

  13.  kat

    Those are the shoes the models at Chanel’s spring show were wearing. Are they Chanel? They look like King Karl’s slightly crazy take on the classic dark cap toe ballerina. Which makes me wonder if the rest of the outfit is Chanel too. The jacket certainly looks like it. Whatever – it’s definitely classic Swinton.

    • Jamie

      It’s all Chanel. My first though was: So, probably the only time we’ll see those shoes on a red carpet, right? I feel like those have pretty limited crossover potential. They’re an interesting take on the cap toe classic, but objectively hideous, and totally not suitable for formal wear.

  14. Rachel

    I love that Swinton was a major player in Fug Madness of yore, but now we’ve come to accept her as she is.

  15.  Prinzessin

    Tilda’s a great starter for the upcoming main meal….. George!

  16.  theboss

    Bowie would approve.

  17. Buffy

    Well, OK. She looks like the most interesting nanny ever. Or something. Not sure. But it’s Swinton, so we accept. Because we have no choice.

  18.  BeautyMarks

    I wore a vintage 50s suit in a play in 1979 that was the precursor of what she’s wearing. I do enjoy how she allows us to see the past and future all in one. It’s kind of thrilling.

  19. Sandra

    What can you do other than bow before our soon-to-be Overlord?

    Obviously nobody else could do this, but it is right in her wheelhouse.

  20. carol

    She is a goddess!

  21. NoNo

    She’s done it. She’s scared the shit out of me. She is THE Oldest Lover Left Alive and only Tom Hiddleston can save us.

  22.  T S

    I am desperate for SWINTON to play Bowie in the inevitable Biopic. She could play him at almost any phase of his life. DO IT SWINTON.

  23.  Fifie

    I love SWINTON, and this just made my day. So SWINTONLY played!

  24. Lindsay

    How could anyone not love this?

    •  DianeN

      I guess this is where FugNation and I part ways because I do not understand this whole SWINTON phenomenon. I see nothing to like here, literally from head to toe. Can someone please explain what you see that I’m missing?

      • Lindsay

        I just think Tilda is really interesting and creative, when it comes to her career and her sense of style. She doesn’t try to look like anyone else and she always takes chances. You’ll never see her in some boring Versace or Ellie Saab trying to be on the stir’s best dressed list, and in a sea of Anistons and Witherspoons, why not enjoy someone who is unique? Also, there is this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MPBBrLHDsYc

        •  DianeN

          Now, see, I barely made it through 2 minutes of that. Clearly I am Tildaphobic. SWINTINtolerant?

      • Krissie

        I wrote kind of the same thing below. I don’t think she’s that amazing. Plus she said some really stupid and somewhat cult-like things about opening her own brand of schools recently. It was creepy. No thanks.

  25.  gryt

    I guffawed. She’s a treasure.

  26.  TaraMisu

    I am so amazed that her skirt is not a wrinkled mess. How does she do it? It must be because she is SWINTON.

  27. Loxy

    I’m just here to share the NHL players who look like Tilda Swinton list that somehow manages to combine my diverse interests. http://thecanafornians.com/?p=806

  28. Krissie

    I admit to being baffled by the endless amusement from the public of Ms Swinton, but I will say her shoes made me super happy and gave me major nostalgia for the brief period in time all the celebrities were hearing heels like that. It was cool for about ten seconds. I think it would have been around 1999, when I was a teenager. I swear hers are the first pair I’ve seen since then.

  29.  Sarah

    I don’t get the hype with this lady. This look is bonkers.

  30. KP

    Clearly honouring Bowie’s cameo in the original zoolander by copying Mugato’s hair

  31. GS

    I wish she’d go back to red hair again

  32. jeansheridan

    My first thought was Dr Seus. She looks a bit more washed out than usual. Awesome structured jacket. Maybe with long flared pants? She has the length for flares.

  33. greatwhitenorthchick

    I love Swinton but am not lovin’ this look. There are too many elements conspiring against it. Everything is too beige, including her hair. The cut of the jacket is not her usual edgy. It’s just over-poofy. And while I dig the no-make-up thing, it doesn’t work here in the absence of ANY colour.

    Also think that the coiffe is Oldman-esque from Dracula.

  34. JO

    I do wish she would branch out in terms of color. The times she has attempted it (I’m thinking of the lovely ice blue numbers she has sported in the past, and I seem to remember something burgundy-ish), it worked so well. She is wacktastic, although sometimes the “artiste” thing seems to be trying too hard with her. She is such a really arresting personality and when she’s been in things like Broken Flowers, she is just a beautiful woman to boot.