Solange Fugwles

I love this COLOR on Solange…

I just wish she weren’t wearing it in bag form, with a pair of khakis they sold at The Gap in 1998 to a person three sizes larger than Solange is. Why is she hiding a light behind the MC Hammer Fan Club president’s best bake-sale outfit? I mean, look at her here:

The fact that she looks BETTER in planetarium leggings, and that I am ADMITTING that PUBLICLY, says a lot about how boxy and bad that other outfit is. Solange, honey, unless you actually DID arrive by jumping out of a plane and using them to break your fall, please throw out those pants and look into… other pants.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Sandra

    Yup, that shade of orange looks lovely on her. And…….well, that’s about it, actually.
    Why does such a beautiful young woman wear such terrible clothes?

  2. Geemee

    First, how yummy does her skin look? Sigh… If she only had on pants that celebrated, not hid her figure, I would totally love this. I want that top.

  3. Fawn

    I think if the top were a little a-line dress this would’ve been a complete win.

  4. Stefanie

    Oh my, in the second picture she looks exactly like the girl in Dangerous Minds who ends up pregnant. (I cant think of what her character’s name was.)

  5. Share

    Call me crazy, but I’d probably like the shirt paired with the planetarium leggings.

  6. Jill

    Blame it on the rain.

  7. Molly

    Jill, thank you! I was thinking the same thing.

  8. vandalfan

    Her hair is completely awesome in the first photo. I love the mix of fun colors, and if she could have wrangled a belt and less pants-leg volume, I’d be all over the outfit. The second just needs a slinky top instead of a too-small blouse. Well, that, and a hairdo that does not evoke John Travolta as the eight-foot tall villain monster in that scientology movie.

  9. CJ

    First picture is a total scroll-down fug. From the waist up, that is the best she has EVER looked. She should always wear her hair like that. It is so flattering on her. And that shade of orange looks wonderful on her. If she had picked slim capris or a pencil skirt with this and those cute purple shoes, it would have been fab. But if you are super-blousey on top, you have to contrast it to show your actual body shape on the other half, so people don’t think you are 6 months along. Second picture brings me back to junior high. That outfit is sooo 1985. Don’t care for the hair. But second pic shows how GREAT her legs are. Hard to believe a pair of chinos can make those fab legs look that bad.

  10. Deanna

    I actually think the orange top and the purple sandals are both great. Swap in a pencil skirt, slim bermuda shorts, or skinny jeans, and that top would be a winner.

    Also, YES. Milli vannili.

  11. Kristen from MA

    Love the top, and the purple shoes. Ditto on the Milli Vanilli hair.

  12. Kristen from MA

    By ditto, I mean, yes, she looks like half of Milli Vanill, not that I love it. ;)

  13. Jen

    If not Milli Vanilli, then surely Terence Trent D’Arby.

  14. Jill

    the second picture makes me want to add the entirety of “A Different World” to my Netflix queue.

  15. Lina

    Oh, she looks great! Yay her! I don’t hate the pants as much as other people seem to, but I typically prefer baggy and comfortable to, well, ANYTHING that comes with a yeast infection warning. *digs slouchy comfort*

  16. yeahandalso

    Why is she trying to become Lisa Bonet? that didn’t even work for Lisa Bonet.

    Still, can’t wait for her album to drop

  17. Kate

    yep I thought of LIsa Bonet too.

  18. Veronica

    Hmm, not sure how I like the braids on her, but that might be that I’m not used to them yet. The outfit could have worked had she tucked the shirt in and the pants had better structure. They could have still been loose, but summer is the time when you can get away with that laid back look, provided you keep some semblance of a waist. I agree that the color really does look great on her, though.

  19. Sandy

    I may be obsessed with the purple sandals! What / Who are they??

  20. Bella

    IDK, I kinda like the whole outfit in the first pic. I realize the pants are a bit baggy, but they look to be silk, which usually are baggy and flowing. I would bet this looks good in motion. Love the hair, the colors, fabric. Second outfit – not so much.

  21. Halo

    I like the first outfit a lot. Go Solange!

  22. Hanna

    I actually really like the whole outfit, I think it looks great. Can’t explain it.

  23. Izalika

    She reminds me of Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice…

  24. Chris

    Somehow, it seems fitting that the Kelis post is right above this one.

    While Kelis jacked the strap from my mom’s favorite purse from 1977 and paired it with a tailored version of the jumpsuit she wore to the disco with my dad back then, Solange is…quite possibly wearing my mom’s clothes circa 1987. (And by this, I mean she was LOOKING for that outfit to give to Goodwill and couldn’t find it.) And my Aunt Marion’s shoes from Fingerhut, also from 1987.

    Sadly, Solange still seems less deranged in the top photo than in the bottom. And it’s not because the outfit is cray (while both outfits are sorta crazy, #1 wins by a mile) – it’s something about the eyes. And the fivehead (which is verging on sixhead territory).

  25. Bambi Anne Dear

    What is going on with those purple shoes? My instant reaction was love, but are they very loose ankle straps I can see, and are they so big for Soli that her heels are falling off them?

    As for the rest of the outfit I was wondering if maybe she was going for a bit of an African look- hair and all- but she couldn’t go the whole hog with a sort of wrap around thingy.

  26. exquisite red

    +1 to the Milli Vanilli comments. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one. But I think the first outfit would have been okay with better pants. The color is really good, and it wouldn’t look so boxy with something fitted on the bottom.

  27. Emma

    Love the hair, but it looks like a really painful weave, because doesn’t she have short hair now? Maybe if her scalp isn’t hurting, her ability to make sound decisions with relation to pants is impaired.

  28. Sajorina

    I know that Fug Nation treasures Solange, but I can’t get on that love train, so I would really love it if she just went away! I’m sorry…

  29. Tiff

    I immediately thought of Milli Vanilli too lol!

    BTW the orange top is recycled, I think, since your links direct me to a post from 2009 where she’s attending a Christian Audigier event. She wore it belted then, and I think I love it better that way.

  30. Alison

    It seems that some in the fashion world are trying to regurgitate the 20th century’s worst trends, like these here high waisted pleated mom pants. Ladies, don’t let your friends fall for this fashion nightmare trend.

  31. rudy

    you must be white. lol they’re braids not a weave

  32. Lily1214

    I think she looks very nice; however, riding around in limos does wrinkle your clothes.

  33. Molly

    No no no no no NO!

    If you are going to take the time to do that with your hair, you MUST wear more interesting clothes!!!

    On the other hand, maybe she took TOO MUCH time and could only throw on pieces of fabric in order to get to where she was going.