Shay Mitchfug

At least the color combination is cool:

But boy, those shorts are leaving me colder than a Diet Coke in a barrel of ice water. The bunching makes it look like someone actually full-on punched her in the crotc0h and Nethers Abuse is not a scourge we should tolerate.

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  1. Annie E

    Ack! Just make it a skirt and we’d be in business.

  2. Sandra

    Are those shoulder pads I see lurking behind her hair? What with that and the formal shorts, I don’t know anymore; didn’t we suffer enough from the ’90s IN the ’90s?

  3.  HelenBackAgain

    This gives her polterbelly.

  4. TaraMisu

    Eww… to all of it.

  5. Mongerel

    HIgh-waisted shorts (go up a size, maybe they will float more flatteringly?)
    Jacket, judging by the gaping front and shell-pinching, maybe go up two sizes.

    I dunno. The more I look at it, the more the thing just looks cheap, cheap, cheap. Worse when combined with matching gold-tone shoes and clutch, garish pedicure, and Hairy–Hide–Behind brand extensions.

  6. 'Mela

    What?! No fuschia plastic hoop earrings?

  7. Sajorina

    Shay is GORGEOUS, but, even though I don’t hate this, it doesn’t suit her innate coolness! I love the necklace and the shoes! Her hair is GLORIOUS and her legs are killing me! *envy alert*

  8. Marion

    Just…. fail!

  9. esther p.

    yuck, seriously! that’s including the bright orange toenail polish.

  10. nicole

    I realize it’s a typo, but I kind of enjoy “crotcoh” as a new word…

  11. Jessica

    I really hate the chartreuse piping that makes it look like she is carrying a tiny backpack.

    Actually, I really hate all of it except for her pretty face and enviable body.

  12. CJ

    If Solange wore it, I guess it may have been a different take?

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      That thought got me curious, CJ. Initially, I’d have guessed it might look very different on Solange, because I thought she was a lot taller than Shay, but I looked up their heights and reportedly they’re about the same, 5’8″.

      So I think the wonky proportions would be equally wonky on her. Solange might pull off the colors better, ’cause she looks so great in brights, but it would still be badly cut and unflattering.

  13. Carol

    What an unflattering outfit … it gives her the shape/profile of a fire hydrant.

  14. wordphreak

    Ooohh… a Diet Coke from a barrel of ice water would be so good right now.

  15.  CopyChic

    It’s nearing summer and Nethers Abuse is all the rage. There needs to be an intervention. Or at least a pubic service announcement.

    If we take “crotcoh” as step further and create “Crotchco,” we might have ourselves a store/organization that can really help some people.

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